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The Tri-State Window & Door Supplier
With 2,400 Family Members

How Integrity & A Can-Do Mindset Created A Window & Door
Company With A Ride-Or-Die Customer Base

By: Richard Shulman, Founder & CEO of Rockman Windows & Doors

Rockman Windows & Doors is one of the leading window and door supply companies in the Tri-State area. We have two beautiful 2,000+ sq ft showrooms — in Elmsford and Bridgehampton — that our customers absolutely LOVE. And we serve hundreds of architects, builders, and homeowners all over Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, and Eastern Long Island.

But it wasn’t always this way. The road was long. The journey was tough And the lessons were many.

You know what they say, though: “Nothing good comes easy.” A can-do attitude and an unshakeable spirit can take you anywhere.

Like, say, from a tiny spare bedroom to two sprawling state-of-the-art showrooms.

One Room And One Purpose (And A Little Rock ‘N’ Roll)

In 2003, I started a small window and door supply business out of a 150 sq/ft spare bedroom in my house. I wasn’t thinking about becoming a mover and shaker in the window and door supply business. I wasn’t thinking about making tons of money.

The only thing on my mind was feeding my family.

Marketing? Advertising? Branding? I cared very, very little about those things. In fact, my company didn’t even have a name at first. “Rockman” – inspired by my love of rock ‘n’ roll – was a spur-of-the-moment decision when I realized that I had to put a label on what I was doing!

But none of that mattered. What DID was working hard for my customers and delivering a world-class experience and amazing results. Period.

Trust Or Bust

In the world, it was dog-eat-dog – the name of the game was stepping on others to get higher. But I started Rockman Windows & Doors on my own, with the values instilled in me by my parents paving my path. I wanted to create something different. Something better.

These were the rules of MY game:

  • Always do what you promise
  • Always own up to mistakes
  • Never bend the truth
  • Never put profit or personal gain ahead of the customer

TRUST was extremely important to me – more important than profits and jobs, and I lost a lot of both along the way because of my unwillingness to compromise on my values.

I did business like this every day. And eventually, all that trust led to more business. Every customer became a repeat customer. And those customers referred other customers. In all these years, there was NEVER a customer who chose to discontinue business with us.

1 Oops Destroys 1,000 Attaboys

The funny thing about trust is that it takes a long time to build, but it can be demolished in a single instant. One misstep, one white lie, one promise that you break – and you’ve lost that trust FOREVER.

That’s why, when you’re in the business of building up trust, you can never rest easy. Everything we do, every single decision, and every interaction with a customer either builds up trust or slowly eats away at it. Every day, we work hard to make sure we do right by our customers – there’s no easy-peasy lifehack for creating trust.

Our ideology is simple: We earn your trust. And we do everything we can not lose it. But the road to achieving that goal is rarely simple.

Rockman Windows & Doors’ Recipe For Success

This is the 5-part recipe that built a SOLID foundation for our company and continues to propel us forward:

  • Stick-To-Itiveness: If we start something, we finish it, PERIOD. Hurdles and obstacles are only bumps in the road that make us stronger.
  • Can-Do Mindset: In our vocabulary, “can’t” is a dirty word.
  • Hyper-Focus On Customer Care: NOTHING is more important than the happiness of our customers.
  • Perfectionism: Humans aren’t perfect, but we can AIM for perfection. We’re bound to achieve great things when we set our goals high.
  • Team-Centric Approach: As a cohesive team, we can accomplish what none of us can do on our own. That’s REAL power.

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we don’t care about being the biggest… We want to be the BEST. And we want to do our BEST.

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