Condensation: Window Problem Or HVAC Problem?

February 14, 2023

Condensation In A Bridgehampton, NY, Home: Window Problem Or HVAC Problem?

How To Tell When Your Windows Are The Problem

Are you experiencing significant condensation on the windows in your Bridgehampton, NY, home? While your first thought may be that you need new windows, it could be a problem with your HVAC. A thorough evaluation of both is necessary to know how best to fix the problem.

Before you replace your HVAC system or your windows, here’s what you need to know to find out where your problem lies.

Identify Where The Condensation Is Located

Where the condensation is physically located will determine a lot about the situation. If it’s on the inside of the glass, there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with the ventilation inside your home. This can be caused by a fault with your HVAC system, and you’ll need to talk to a professional. 

When the condensation is between the panes, it’s strictly a window problem. Windows with multiple panes have an inert gas between them that works as an insulator, keeping heat from transferring across the glass. When the seal holding the gas inside breaks down, all the gas escapes, and the exchange of gas and oxygen causes condensation.

At this point, with the window collecting moisture, it’s prone to significantly more damage. Additionally, your home is no longer experiencing the benefit of energy-efficient windows, and the affected windows let summer heat in and winter heat out.

Verify How Many Windows Are Affected

As mentioned, if the condensation problem is isolated to one or two windows, it is likely due to those specific windows. However, if all your windows are equally affected, it’s time to start looking at other causes, such as your HVAC.

In this case, condensation comes from increased indoor air humidity. As the humidity increases inside your home, the water has to go somewhere, and it often condenses on your windows because the glass is cooler than the room’s temperature. 

Identifying the source of the humidity is essential to stop condensation from forming. You don’t want excessive moisture inside your home, as this can lead to mold growth. Additionally, the suggested humidity level in your home is different between the summer and winter, so your HVAC system should be set accordingly.

Check Your HVAC

You can do a quick run-through of your HVAC on your own before you call a technician. Start by inspecting the filter. You’ll want to ensure you always have a clean filter in the unit to allow maximum airflow. Then, check the humidity settings on your thermostat or system to ensure they are correct for the time of year.

If the filter is clean and your humidity settings are correct, your next step is to call a professional to verify that the HVAC size is appropriate for your home. An oversized unit can cause rapid cooling without decreasing the humidity. They can also check for blockages in the ductwork and refrigerant levels.

Once they’re done with their inspection, if everything checks out and your HVAC is fine, you’ll want to turn your attention to your windows.

Consider An Upgrade For Your Windows

If you notice drafts around or “through” your windows or know they’re reaching their age limit, it might be best to go ahead and replace them. However, for the best results, you don’t want to choose some cookie-cutter option straight off the rack. Choosing architectural window systems that are handcrafted specifically for each order will guarantee the best results.

When you shop around, choose a window supplier that stands behind their products and knows the high quality you’re looking for in a window system. Here at Rockman Windows & Doors, we specialize in helping you through the order process, ensuring you get matched with the perfect windows for your home.

With unsurpassed quality and engineering, all our premium window products will exceed your expectations and solve the condensation problems your failing windows are presenting. 

When You Need Superior Architectural Window Systems In Bridgehampton, NY, Rockman Windows & Doors Is The Solution

Now that you’ve realized a window system straight off the assembly line won’t do for your Bridgehampton, NY, home, it’s time to turn to a supplier who will meet all your needs. Here at Rockman Windows & Doors, we use a meticulous process to ensure each customer’s custom order is completed with perfection.

From start to finish, there’s a key person in every role, shepherding clients through the process with precision and understanding, guaranteeing absolute results.

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