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July 8, 2023

Don’t Waste Your Time Playing Whack-A-Mole With Your Tri-State Area Window Supplier

With Rockman Windows & Doors, You Get A Dedicated Team Working With You Every Step Of The Way.

Big-box stores are fine if you want a new lawnmower or a power drill. But let’s face it, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. So buying decent doors and windows there? Forget about it!

Rather than ripping your hair out trying to find the perfect windows and doors for your new dream home, turn to the Hampton’s window and door SPECIALISTS. No more anonymous guys in vests who don’t even seem like they WANT to help you.  When you choose Rockman Windows & Doors, you are taken care of start-to-finish by dedicated window professionals.

Long story short, our VIP customer experience is basically the polar opposite of the mega-chain warehouse approach to doors and windows.

The Big-Box Store Whack-A-Mole Experience

If you’ve ever been to a major warehouse, a big-box store, or even a local lumberyard, chances are you may have dealt with a whack-a-mole customer service experience.

It works like this:

You might see someone in an orange or blue vest at the end of the aisle, or you may approach the sales person behind the counter of a supply store, but as soon as you get close, they disappear.

You go to the next aisle, and the SAME thing happens again with a different employee.

Even if you do finally get a hold of someone, they disappear as soon as your immediate question is answered, whether you’ve found what you need or not.

At this point, you might as well have a mallet.

The downside with this approach to customer service – apart from the obvious – is that you never get the chance to actually have your needs addressed.

Most problems can’t be solved with a yes-or-no answer, and you might actually need to have a discussion with a knowledgeable human before you select the ideal artisan doors and windows for your home.

At other stores, you get isolated interactions with unenthused employees and a lackluster selection of products….

You Won’t Find The Perfect Window At A Warehouse (Probably)

The other drawback of big-box stores is their selection. They stock the most generic, totally interchangeable window and door options available. It’s fine if you are looking for ANY functional window that will fit, but if you have a unique aesthetic in mind, you are fresh out of luck.

We’re not saying it’s impossible to get a nice door from a warehouse, but you are truly looking for the needle in a haystack.

In our experience, there are better ways to get needles….

How The Rockman Experience Differs

As we mentioned, our approach to windows and doors is pretty much the exact opposite of the whack-a-mole experience.  From the moment you walk into our showroom, you are greeted with a window and door specialist to give you a guided tour tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s one of our skilled project managers, our experienced architectural representatives, or even the president of the company, every member of our team is here to help you.

Once we get a feel for what it is you are looking for, we can begin our meticulous search for the perfect artisanal windows or doors.

We have this part of our process down to a science, and each member of our team knows EXACTLY what to do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

When we do find something we think you’ll love, we provide you with a brief proposal summary, followed by an EXTREMELY thorough quote. (Sometimes these are 50–80 pages long!)

Next, we provide you with detailed shop drawings for each window and door on your order. Once the contract is finalized, our role is NOT done.

We stick with you until the project is complete and each and every component is installed to perfection.  We even hire an independent inspector to complete a thorough inspection to ensure warranties are intact, everything operates as intended, and there’s no damage after installation.

Between our knowledgeable, dedicated staff and our wide array of product lines from elite manufacturers, finding the ideal windows for your Hamptons home is only a matter of time.

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