Debunking Myths About Energy-Efficient Windows

February 3, 2024

Debunking The Most Common Myths About
Energy Efficient Casement Windows
For Bedford, NY Homeowners

Clearing Up Misconceptions When
It Comes To Casement Windows

It can be a worthwhile investment to get replacement casement windows in Bedford, NY for your home. Many homeowners believe energy-efficient windows are great for several reasons, from the savings that come with them to their longevity. However, some homeowners believe some common myths related to energy-efficient casement windows.

The following guide explores some of the most common misconceptions and myths when it comes to energy-efficient casement windows. We’ll debunk these myths and explain why it may be in your best interest to consider new energy-efficient windows for your home.

Energy Efficient Casement Windows Are Expensive

Perhaps one of the largest misconceptions about energy-efficient casement windows is how expensive they are. Some homeowners believe that you have to pay a premium price for quality, energy-efficient windows to be installed in your home.

While there are expensive options when it comes to these types of casement windows, there is a variety to choose from. Many affordable casement windows are available that are still made with energy efficiency in mind. Long-term savings also come into play when it comes to these windows. By reducing your energy bills, you can recoup some of the cost from your original purchase.

When it comes to energy-efficient casement windows, you can invest in them without going beyond your budget. Combined with the savings, they can be worthwhile for a homeowner to choose when considering a window replacement.

Energy Efficient Casement Windows Are High Maintenance

Another common myth that many homeowners believe is that energy-efficient casement windows require a lot of maintenance. Regularly cleaning, maintaining, and keeping up the appearance of casement windows can be difficult and time-consuming for any homeowner.

However, this is only a myth. In reality, energy-efficient casement windows require no more maintenance than traditional windows. In fact, due to the material, some of these windows require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts.

If you’re concerned with the maintenance requirements of your casement windows, consider choosing materials that are known for being low maintenance, such as vinyl.

All Double Pane Casement Windows Are Energy Efficient

Some homeowners believe that an energy-efficient window is simply a double pane. However, there is a lot more that goes into making a window energy efficient. While being double pane can help with your window’s durability and efficiency, they are not what makes them energy efficient.

Energy-efficient windows are thermally broken. This means the windows have a thermal barrier built inside of the frame and sash. This barrier helps with the cold and heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home and minimizes it as much as possible.

During the colder months, particularly in the winter, the thermal break traps warm air inside of your home. During the summer months, it keeps cool air from escaping.

Energy-Efficient Casement Windows Aren’t Always Useful

When it comes to energy-efficient casement windows, a common misconception is that they are only useful during certain times of the year. Some believe that these windows only work during the hotter summer months because they save on heating costs. While it is true that these windows can be incredibly useful during the summer months and reduce the strain on your HVAC system, these windows are also useful year-round.

The truth is that energy-efficient windows work by protecting the interior of your home and reducing how much air transfers between your interior and exterior. This makes it easier to regulate the temperature in your home, reduce the cost of your energy bills throughout the year, and maintain the overall comfort levels of your home.

Many homeowners see a reduction in the cost of their energy bills during both the summer months and the winter months.

Energy-Efficient Casement Windows
Don’t Work For Older Homes

While some new homes have energy-efficient windows, many older ones do not. This has led to the misconception that energy-efficient windows aren’t nearly as effective on older properties as they are on newer ones.

This is far from true. The key aspect that determines the efficiency of the window is proper installation and materials. Many older homes retrofitted with new windows benefit significantly from the energy efficiency they provide.

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