Rock-Solid Accountability – Always

April 15, 2024

At Rockman, We EARN Your Trust

Our Detailed Nine-Step Process
Ensures We’re Accountable

Accountability is one of our core values and our calling card. It’s important to us. Every member of our team shares our commitment to always doing things the right way and truly OWNING the rare mistake.

But at Rockman Windows And Doors, accountability is about MORE than trying to do what’s right and simply owning mistakes. For us, it’s about doing all we can to ensure mistakes don’t occur in the first place – that’s real, bona fide SELF-accountability.

Ultimately, our high accountability standard ensures your Tri-State window and door order will be just as you need it to be. More than that, you’re 100% protected if hiccups arise during the process.

Accountability From Start To Finish – We
See Orders Through Successfully

We work as a team to achieve the ultimate end goal – your beautiful new windows and doors delivered on time. We have a refined, meticulous process that helps us stay on track, and every team member plays a key role in ensuring all goes smoothly.

In other words, our team members’ self-accountability makes the entire process possible. It’s their ACCOUNTABILITY that keeps things on track through all phases.

We’re diligent and operate with a sense of urgency you don’t always see with other window and door suppliers, But we’re NEVER in such a rush that it compromises quality.

Instead, we put quality FIRST. As a result, our process takes six weeks or more. You can count on the lead time we give you – it’s accurate in almost every case.

We Own Up to Rare Mistakes – And Make Them RIGHT

Here’s the thing, we take mistakes seriously at Rockman Windows And Doors. We do everything in our power to prevent them. In fact, our founder, Rick, has a saying: “One oops destroys a thousand ‘at-a-boys’.”

Now, with that said, mistakes happen. As hard as we’ve looked, we’ve only been able to find human employees, and Rick is also human himself. Like all humans, we at Rockman may make a mistake once in a blue moon.

The difference? We admit the rare mistake, and we make it right – and usually before it can affect your project.

We Hold Manufacturers Accountable, Too!

It’s easy for us to hold our internal team accountable. They’re in-house, and we communicate with each team member daily. But holding a manufacturer accountable takes a whole other level of clout, and at Rockman, we’ve been there for years.

As a window and door supplier, we understand that numerous factors OUTSIDE our control may impact your order, such as manufacturers and shipping companies.

That’s why we work extra hard to hold everyone throughout the process accountable for YOUR order.

In fact, when a manufacturer makes a mistake, we can usually get them to go BEYOND what your warranty covers.

We Built An After-Sale Service Team
To Further Ensure Accountability

Our after-sale service team is a bunch of rock stars. They troubleshoot any issues that may crop up after installation. And trust me, we pick up the phone or call you right back every time.

As a result, you don’t fret about issues going unaddressed after your order is delivered and setting your construction or renovation project back for days or weeks.

Instead, you get to relax in total peace of mind because you KNOW we’ve got you covered.

Now, the calls to our after-sale services department. After all, we communicate throughout your project and ensure your order is how it should be. But we want you to know you always have the option to reach out before, during, or even after your order.

If you want a window and door supplier in the Tri-State area that keeps their word and holds themselves accountable, then contact Rockman Windows & Doors. We welcome you to schedule a consultation or visit our showroom.

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