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Black Stiles Standard Mesh Centor S4 Large Format Retractable Screens Interior Family Room View With Woman Closing Screen

Upgrade Your Tri-State Home With Centor
Retractable Screens & Shades

Maintain The Beauty Of Your Doors With Screens & Shades
That ONLY Show Up When You Need Them

Sliding doors are glorious portals to the outdoors. They add an expansive feel to your Tri-State area home and give you unrestrained access to light, sunshine, and nature. Centor retractable screens and shades allow you to indulge in everything your sliding doors offer without always saddling you with screens and shades that restrict your view and detract from your home’s ambiance. Centor retractable screens can also fit traditional hinged doors.

View The Elegance Up Close


Black Stiles Centor Shade and Colour Range of mesh on retractablecreens


Black Frame and Stiles Centor Retractable


Black Frame Centor Retractable Screen Standard Mesh Corner Door

Now You See Them… Now You Don’t

Screens and shades are a necessary part of life. They afford privacy, manage sunlight, and keep insects from entering your home. But they shouldn’t have to be a constant presence in your home. Centor retractable screens and shades provide you with the IDEAL balance of functionality and beauty. They’re built into the wall and glide seamlessly out of sight when you don’t need them, affording you MAXIMUM comfort without compromising your home’s aesthetic.

More Perks Of Retractable Screens & Shades

Comfort At Your Fingertips: Glides smoothly from any height with a slight tug of your fingertip.

Versatile: Fits big and small openings and pairs with many door and window types. Can be fitted to the inside or outside of the opening

Made-To-Order: Custom-made to your specifications & available in many styles and colors.

Energy Efficient: Reduce cooling needs with shades that block sunlight fully or partially, and standard or tight weave screens that let in breezes.

Easily Replaceable: You’re not locked into your first choice forever. Replacing your screens and shades is simple and hassle-free.

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Centor Retractable Screen Showcase

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