Core Values

Rockman Windows and Doors - Core Values

The Tri-State Window & Door Supplier
That Adheres To Customer-First,
Customer-ALWAYS Core Values

At Rockman, Principles Like Integrity
And Accountability Are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

We didn’t become the leading window and door supplier in the Tri-State area overnight. It took hard work and steadfast commitment to our values.

These are the core values that made us who we are.


You either have integrity, or you don’t. It’s not something that’s teachable. It’s a trait that stems from our founder, Rick, and is woven deep into our culture. That’s why we make sure that EVERY member of our team has an inborn sense of integrity. We know what’s right, and we stick to doing the right thing even when it’s the harder thing — because that’s who we are. Visit our blog for stories about how this plays out in real life.


We work like a single unit — each of us doing our part to complete the bigger picture. When we successfully complete a project, it’s the direct result of many experienced professionals coming together and pooling their talents to achieve a common goal – a FLAWLESS order.


At Rockman Windows & Doors, if you say you’re going to do something, you DO IT. We don’t make empty promises or blame others when the road gets rough. All of us at Rockman know that our actions have direct consequences, and we all work very hard to never ever have a mistake, but if we do we own it. There’s no such thing as shirking responsibility, shoving blame on someone else, or not seeing an order through fully.


Reliability means being there for our customers — through thick and thin. When things get hard, we’re right there with you — supporting you, guiding you, and helping you through it. You can count on us to ALWAYS have your back.


In the words of Rick, Founder of Rockman Windows & Doors, “One oops destroys a thousand ‘at-a-boys’.” Trust is precious because once it’s gone you can never get it back. That’s why we do EVERYTHING in our power to prove to you that we always do what we say, keep our promises, and come through for you.

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