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We believe our clients in the New York and Connecticut area deserve only the BEST windows and doors. That’s why we only partner with manufacturers that exceed our exacting standards for quality, aesthetics, responsiveness, and follow-through.

Over the years, we’ve demanded PERFECTION from every manufacturer we represent. The manufacturers that responded by showing excellence in areas like workmanship, customer experience and honoring warranties, are still here with us today and have made it into our ROCKMAN FEATURED BRANDS.

It wasn’t easy finding the perfect mix of window and door companies, but we’re happy we saved you the hassle of hunting for a reputable brand.

Count On Us For Excellence

Anyone can do average, but we strive for EXCEPTIONAL.

We don’t do vinyl or cheaply made windows.

Building high-quality, custom packages, with exquisite products, is what we’re all about.

Think of it like a fast-food chain versus a 5-star luxury restaurant.

The average window, like the average fast food fare, is made in the fastest, most cutting-corners way possible — chock full of artificial fillers and no REAL ingredients.

Rockman Windows & Doors takes the opposite approach. We’re like a 5-star luxury restaurant, where every ingredient is painstakingly made from scratch and your palate is the MVP.

The name brands out there are name brands because they do A TON of marketing — and not really for any other reason. But we don’t fall for fancy marketing.

Our windows and doors ARE actually better than the other windows and doors on the market – come visit our showroom so we can show you why.

Like we said — we DON’T. DO. ORDINARY.

Beautiful On The Outside, Durable On The Inside

Absolutely judge a window by how it looks! Most manufacturers are so hell-bent on saving money, they’ve gradually taken more and more “meat” and “guts” out of their windows.

If you slice the average window in half and scrutinize hardware components, you’ll find HOLLOW channels, bad aesthetics with no architectural profile, and cheap hardware.

Basically, all you’re given is something decent to look at that fills the holes… But buyer beware because you will lose the character and curb appeal your home deserves, and may even sacrifice energy efficiency.

Custom, Luxury Hardware

Operating the window or door is a completely different story. One way our competitors cut corners, aside from aesthetically, is by using mediocre hardware, AKA “industry standard hardware”.

But industry standard hardware does NOT equal high quality hardware. We’re careful to only offer products that are made with top-of-the-line hardware.

For example, our Weather Shield doors or Weather Shield windows product line uses German Roto hardware — one of the BEST hardware companies in the world — for ALL of their Casements.

The difference in quality is obvious when you open and close the windows — they operate SEAMLESSLY.

Our LePage Millwork doors or LePage Millwork windows product line features Phelps Window hardware – one of the premier true brass hardware manufacturers in the United States.

We’re extremely discriminating about which manufacturers we partner with. And the end result is that ALL of our products look BEAUTIFUL and operate EFFORTLESSLY.

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Give your home remodeling projects the distinction they deserve!

All Of Our Windows & Doors Are Warrantied TO THE HILT

Most manufacturers have “industry standard” warranties, or they use loopholes that enable them to hide behind their warranties or void it completely, leaving you exposed.

Because our manufacturers BELIEVE in their products, our products all come with excellent warranties that the manufacturers always honor.

For example, our Weather Shield doors or Weather Shield windows line comes with a 20-year warranty, which is common. What’s UNCOMMON is that their warranties are FULLY transferable, so it stays with the building, not the owner.

In addition to that, they warranty against any wood rot for 30 years AND cover the labor costs for the first year! That’s well beyond what any other window and door manufacturer is willing to offer.

Over the years, we’ve developed rock-solid relationships with our manufacturers. This gives us the leeway to work with them to try to cover damage beyond the parameters of their warranties.

If something goes wrong with one of our products, you have someone to turn to. We’ll communicate all the details to the manufacturer and complete the warranty paperwork. We’ll work with the manufacturer to come up with a solution and then perform the necessary services.

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