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Lepage Millwork entered the American market in 2004 and has since made a name for itself as a sought-after window manufacturer for the discerning homeowner, builder and architect.

If the typical window manufacturer can be classified as “run of the mill,” Lepage Millwork is the complete opposite. Every Lepage Millwork product is handcrafted by in-house artisans with unmatched quality that commands recognition. Their exacting standards for windows and doors is their most cherished tradition.

Every window that Lepage Millwork produces is crafted to the customer’s desires and is entirely different from the next one. A Lepage Millwork window can complement any aesthetic you’re going for in your Westchester, Connecticut, or East Long Island home.


A Close-Up Look At The Lepage Process

The Lepage Millwork Culture

Lepage Millwork is not just a window and door company, it’s a culture. A culture of passion for the window-making craft, uncompromising quality, and adhering to tradition. It’s this culture that was passed down for four generations and is as strong as ever today.

Fusing Modernity & Tradition

Lepage Millwork has successfully fused elements of modern manufacturing with the traditional values that are at the core of their brand. While each window is made by hand by an artisan who’s trained in wooden window-making of yore, they utilize modern machinery to maximize efficiency. They also offer the option of minimal maintenance modern aluminum clad wood windows.

The melding of tradition with modern day ingenuity results in the HIGHEST quality wood and aluminum clad wood windows that are on the market today.

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The Lepage Roll Down Screen

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