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Don’t Settle For Ordinary. Your Bridgehampton Home Deserves
State-Of-The-Art Windows & Doors

No matter what your style is, and no matter how specific your preferences are – Rockman Windows & Doors has the ideal windows and doors for your Bridgehampton home.

When it comes to taste and aesthetics, there’s no rulebook. That’s why, at Rockman Windows & Doors, we don’t confine ourselves to any set of rules or expectations. REAL artisans craft our windows and doors to fit your vision for your home.

We partner with renowned manufacturers like Weather Shield, Lepage Millwork, Cortizo Windows, and Cold Mountain Custom to bring you EXTRAORDINARY windows and doors. Because at Rockman Windows & Doors, “ordinary” doesn’t cut it.

Windows & Doors That Make An IMPRESSION

The average window fades into the background, or worse – becomes a glaring eyesore. But that doesn’t happen with Rockman Windows & Doors. Our windows and doors are designed to be architecturally correct, crafted by hand by real artisans who preserve the allure and richness of a genuine wood window and door. Our manufacturing partners don’t settle for industry-standard components either. For example, our Lepage Windows mill all of their own wood components in house and utilize hardware from the BEST manufacturers in the world.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors Might Be PERFECT
For Your Bridgehampton Home

  • The ideal blend of tradition and modernity: Aluminum clad wood windows and doors have wooden frames and core components paired with an aesthetically pleasing aluminum exterior “shell”. The aluminum gives the window a low-maintenance exterior while preserving a wood window’s warmth, charm, and character.
  • No need to be busy with upkeep: All wood windows need to be refinished every few years. This can end up being costly and could potentially void your window warranty if you don’t stay on top of the regular maintenance. Extruded aluminum clad windows DON’T need this typical maintenance AND are also stronger and more durable than wood windows, especially in the harsh Eastern Long Island climate.
  • A window and door you can RELY on: You can expect an aluminum clad wood window to last for decades without warping, expanding, or becoming worn down by weather changes.

Why You Should Consider Thermally Broken Windows & Doors
For Your Home In Bridgehampton, NY

Increase your home’s energy efficiency and save money on your heating and cooling costs by installing thermally broken windows and doors from Cortizo Windows. Thermally broken windows and doors have a thermal barrier built within the frame. The break minimizes heat or cold transfer between the interior and exterior of your home.

Thermally broken windows and doors help keep conditioned air from escaping your home and minimize “sweating” on hot days. During the winter, the thermal break keeps warm air inside and prevents “frosting” on the interior of your windows.

If you want a proven way to increase your home’s energy efficiency, thermally broken windows and doors might be the perfect solution for you.

A Glimpse Of The Rockman Windows & Doors’ Process

  • Our Architectural Development Team provides support and guidance throughout the design phase.
  • Our Order Management Team ensures that every detail of your order is accounted for.
  • Our head estimator provides a precise quote that takes all of your specifications into account.
  • Our dedicated project managers are the pointmen that oversee the entire process and guide you through it.

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