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Your Dobbs Ferry home deserves to be fitted with windows and doors that make it stand apart from the crowd. At Rockman, we believe the windows and doors of your home should be unique and special. That’s why we’re so focused on understanding what YOU want and what you need to make an impression.

We don’t do generic. We don’t do typical. And we certainly DO NOT do ordinary. Every one of our featured window and door brands excels at innovation and craftsmanship. When we supply you with a window and door package, it’s a wonderful work of art that adds to the character of your home.

All Of Our Featured Window & Door Brands Meet Our Exacting Standards

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we have HIGH standards for how we do business and interact with our customers. And we extend these standards to every one of our featured brands. Every Rockman featured window and door brand has exceptional customer service, skilled workmanship, and SOLID warranties – it’s non-negotiable.

When we provide you with a product, we can FULLY vouch for it.

Benefits Of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors

Aesthetics: Aluminum clad wood windows have wooden frames and core components, and an aluminum exterior shell. You get all the richness and warmth of a wood window and door AND a beautiful, low-maintenance aluminum exterior.

Upkeep: Extruded aluminum clad windows and door need less upkeep than wood windows and doors AND are stronger and longer lasting. Unlike wood windows and doors, aluminum clad windows and doors don’t need to be refinished every few years.

Durability: Aluminum clad wood windows and doors last for decades without warping, expanding, cracking, fading, peeling or becoming worn down by weather changes.

Why Get Thermally Broken Windows & Doors For Your Dobbs Ferry Home?

The windows and doors in your home have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency, as well as your comfort level. If your windows and doors are not insulated properly, the air inside your home, whether heated in the winter or cooled in the summer, will easily transfer between the interior and exterior causing discomforts and problems like sweating or frosting.

To combat this issue, we only offer thermally broken aluminum windows and doors from Ital East Corp. Thermally broken windows and doors are built with a barrier in the frame to minimize that heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home. This creates a much more comfortable living space and results in more efficient energy use.

Rockman Windows & Doors ALWAYS Gives You…

  • A smooth and stress-free process from beginning to end.
  • Precise quotes that take EVERY detail into account.
  • Products from the BEST brands in the world.
  • Highly experienced Project Managers and Order Management teams to handle your every need.

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