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Talk is cheap. Many window and door companies throw around terms like “high quality” and “tailor-made”, without meaning much. At Rockman Windows & Doors, we mean every single word we say. Our windows and doors are crafted by authentic artisans to suit YOUR Fairfield home exactly. Every one of our products is made with superior hardware and has all the finishing touches.

Any company can do a mid-level job – we strive for EXCEPTIONAL.

What To Look For When Buying Windows & Doors For Your Fairfield Home

1. The Right Material: It’s important to understand the distinction between different materials to find the right windows and doors for your home. We offer wood windows and doors, aluminum clad wood, steel, and bronze windows and doors. Visit our showroom to see these materials up close.

2. A Practical And Beautiful Design: Make sure you understand your home’s aesthetic design – such as modern or traditional – and then you can determine which window and door style suits your design needs. Look through our window gallery and door gallery to see window and door designs.

3. Energy Efficiency: Some metal windows and doors are designed to be thermally broken. That means they have a thermal barrier built within the frame and sash, so heat or cold transfer between the interior and exterior of your home is minimized.

4. Ease Of Operation: Don’t forget that your windows and doors are supposed to be used. You’ll want to make sure that they open and close smoothly. We suggest that you visit our showroom to operate life-sized windows and doors before making any final decisions.

Rockman Windows & Doors Reputation

  • Decades of excellence in the window and door industry
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Thousands of successfully completed projects
  • 100+ architects and builders in our network

All Of Our Windows & Doors Have REAL Coverage

Since our manufacturers believe in their products, every one of our window and door packages comes with REAL warranties that our manufacturers always honor. Over the years, we’ve developed firm relationships with our manufacturers and our Featured Brands have NEVER let us down.

If something goes wrong with one of our products, you have someone to turn to. We’ll visit your home to inspect the problem, communicate all the details to the manufacturer and complete the warranty paperwork. We’ll work with the manufacturer to come up with a solution, and if needed perform the necessary services.

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