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Windows & Doors Built By Authentic Artisans
For Your Greenwich Home

Rockman Windows & Doors Brings You Modern Day
Ingenuity With Traditional Craftsmanship

When supplying windows and doors for your Greenwich home, Rockman Windows & Doors gives you the ULTIMATE combination – traditional craftsmanship of old combined with cutting edge machinery and modern manufacturing processes.

Many window and door manufacturers have done away with the artisan model and the wholesome and rich practices that lead to quality products. The Rockman featured brands have maintained the integrity of the woodworking craft while also using the efficiency and convenience of modern machinery.

Our Seamless Process For Getting You Customized Windows & Doors

Getting the perfect windows and doors for your home can be a long, complicated, and frustrating process – but it doesn’t have to be. At Rockman Windows & Doors, we have fail-proof systems in place for every phase of the process to make it smooth sailing.

From our Architectural Development Team that provides expert design assistance to our Order Management team that ensures every single order is a successful one – we leave no room for error. There are no stressful complications on our watch. We encourage you to use our resources to the fullest, and lean on your dedicated project manager for all of your window and door needs.

The Benefits Of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors

Beauty: Aluminum clad wood windows and doors have wooden frames and core components paired with an aesthetically pleasing aluminum exterior “shell”. The aluminum gives the window a low-maintenance exterior while preserving a wood window’s warmth, charm, and character on the inside of your home.

Low-Maintenance: All wood windows need to be repainted every few years. This can end up being costly and could potentially void your window warranty if you don’t stay on top of the regular maintenance. Extruded aluminum clad windows DON’T need this typical maintenance AND are also stronger and more durable than wood windows, especially in the harsh Northeastern climate.

Durability: You can expect an aluminum clad wood window to last for decades without warping, expanding, or becoming worn down by weather changes.

Why Thermally Broken Windows & Doors Might Be The Smartest Option
For Your Greenwich Home

The energy efficiency of your home hinges on the quality of your windows and doors. Your windows and doors are the entry points to your home. If they’re not properly insulated, your home’s indoor temperature will be affected by the outdoor temperatures.

If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency and minimize heat loss, choose thermally broken windows and doors. Thermally broken windows and doors are built with a thermal barrier within the frame. This reduces heat or cold transfer between the interior of your home and the outdoors, keeping your home’s conditioned air inside your home and preventing hot or cold air from entering.

The Rockman Windows & Doors Guarantee

  • We have the industry’s MOST experienced team working on your order.
  • We always put the customers’ needs FIRST.
  • We work hard to earn your trust – and never lose it.
  • We diligently oversee every aspect of your window and door order – always looking out for potential pitfalls, to nip them in the bud.

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