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When supplying windows and doors for your Mount Kisco home, Rockman Windows & Doors gives you a POWERFUL combination – traditional craftsmanship of yore melded with sophisticated modern-day manufacturing technologies.

Many window and door manufacturers have gotten rid of artisans in favor of quicker and cheaper production methods. Unfortunately, they’ve thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Many of today’s windows and doors are cheaply made and have gone way down in quality and beauty from what they used to be.

The Rockman featured window brands and door brands have maintained the integrity of the woodworking craft while also using the efficiency of modern machinery. We bring you windows and doors made with the durability and wholesomeness of old, together with cutting-edge technology of today — simply really solid windows, period.

How We Ensure An Error-FREE Window & Door Order Process

There’s no such thing as a small mistake when ordering elaborate window and door packages. Even a small error can result in thousands of dollars wasted and months of recovery time. That’s why we have our highly experienced project managers and order management team overseeing your entire order from beginning to end. They use all their skills and experience know-how to guide you from the initial deposit to a successful order placement and delivery.

Why Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors Might Be The Smartest Choice For Your Mt. Kisco Home

Beauty: Aluminum clad wood windows and aluminum clad doors have wooden frames and core components paired with an aesthetically pleasing aluminum exterior shell. The aluminum gives the window a low-maintenance exterior while preserving the wood window’s warmth, charm, and character.

Low-Maintenance: All wood windows and doors need to be refinished every few years. This can end up being costly and potentially void your warranty if neglected. Extruded aluminum-clad windows and doors DON’T need this annual upkeep AND are also stronger and more durable over their lifetime.

Durability: You can expect aluminum clad wood windows and doors to last for decades without warping, expanding, discoloring, or becoming worn down by rough Northeastern weather changes.

Rockman Windows & Doors Core Values

  • Integrity: We know what’s right, and we stick to doing the right thing even when it’s the hard thing.
  • Teamwork: We work as a single unit — each of us doing our part to complete your order successfully.
  • Accountability: We don’t EVER shirk responsibility, shove blame on someone else, or not see an order through fully.
  • Reliability: You can count on us to ALWAYS have your back. We know our products better than anyone – and often we know more about our competitors than their sales reps do.
  • Trust: We do EVERYTHING in our power to always do what we say, keep our promises, and come through for you.

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