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Handcrafted, Luxury Windows For Your
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You’ve invested a lot to make your White Plains, NY, home as gorgeous as possible, but if you’re trying to take it to the next level, you need the right windows. Here at Rockman Windows & Doors, we have what the competition doesn’t – custom-built, artisan-crafted windows made specifically for your home.

We only partner with the most elite window companies whose products are guaranteed to deliver exceptional quality to our customers. You will get the best customer service, superior workmanship, and a rock-solid warranty, regardless of which brand you choose. These are companies we are willing to put our own reputation on the line to support.

Our premium brands include the following:

You’ll Get Exclusive VIP Treatment With Rockman
Windows & Doors

You’ll notice the difference with us immediately – we’ll treat you like a partner, not a customer.

There will be no mistakes with your order because our expert project managers and order management team will ensure that no errors or oversights happen to you. We understand how even the tiniest mishap can set you back months and thousands of dollars. That’s why we are so careful with every aspect of your order.

We care about our clients’ growth, success, and projects so much that we take steps to ensure their success. We’ll stand by you the whole way, including offering after-sales services. Each order has a dedicated project manager who troubleshoots manufacturing or installation problems.

You can guarantee when you work with Rockman Windows & Doors that you’ll always have support and guidance throughout every step of your window and door project.

We Would Never Consider Offering Anything But
The Most Elite Products

From the outside to the inside, our products are premium quality, made from the finest materials. Cheaply made windows are the last thing we would ever consider offering our customers. Those cookie-cutter vinyl windows are made so poorly they even have cheap hardware, which can eventually impact the physical operation.

The windows on our menu operate seamlessly because they come with the best the industry offers for all their components. Not only are they beautiful, but they won’t let you down when you need them the most.

In addition, the manufacturers aren’t afraid to stand by their products, which is why they come with rock-solid warranties. We even have rock-solid relationships with all our manufacturers, allowing us some leeway to work out coverage that extends slightly beyond the warranties’ parameters.

This is the difference between choosing an elite brand and one of those cheaply made off-the-rack options.

Enjoy A Smooth, Stress-Free Process

We have an entire team where each member has a dedicated role in your order process. Having one person for each critical aspect of the process ensures there aren’t too many hands in the pot to cause confusion or mistakes.

Project managers will be the major cog in the machine for ordering your windows. They work extensively with homeowners, builders, and architects, shepherding you through the entire process with a high level of expertise. We require them to be on-site during product delivery for a thorough inspection and then again following installation.

We also have a lead estimator dedicated to handling the quotes. Our dedicated lead is Steven; he combs through every detail in each estimate, taking everything into account. He then relays all pertinent information to the project managers, ensuring the utmost accuracy of your proposal.

Our architectural development team is dedicated to assisting the architects. Navigating the design process can be challenging, and our crew is more than happy to smooth out any difficulties.

Finally, we have the order management team in charge of finalizing the details of each order before it goes into production. They aim to ensure the order meets your budget and achieves your vision.

We can guarantee a smooth process for each customer because we have a fantastic, dedicated team working together to achieve success on every order.

Get The Luxury Windows You Deserve For
Your White Plains, NY, Home

Don’t settle for cheaply made vinyl windows on your White Plains, NY, home. Choose an elite brand that offers high quality and immense beauty.

Here at Rockman Windows & Doors, we’ll help you find the perfect custom package window options for your home that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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