VIP Treatment

Rockman - VIP Treatment

When You Partner With This Tri-State Window &
Door Supplier, You Become ONE OF US

We Create A Team Comprised Of Us, The Architect,
The Builder, And The Homeowner, On EVERY Job

We’re no ordinary window and door supplier. From the moment you first contact us, until the product is successfully installed in the client’s home, we develop a collaborative relationship with you. We’ll jump through hoops for you, and we’ll offer you expert guidance — because once you choose our top notch services, you’re one of us.

We don’t view you as a CUSTOMER. We see you as a PARTNER. We cater to YOU. Your needs. Your wants. And your goals. We forge a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with you.

We’ve built our stellar reputation on servicing the needs of design professionals and local custom builders. If you’re in our network, we vouch for you, we support you, and we guide you. We never leave you hanging.

No Wrinkles, No Mistakes, NO RISK

When dealing with complex window and door packages, even a minor mistake can set you back thousands of dollars and add months of recovery time.

Our expert Project Managers and Order Management team will make sure that snafus, errors, miscalculations, and any other oversight NEVER happens to you. They’re armed to the teeth with experience, training, and knowledge of the industry. And they use all their skills and know-how to chauffeur you from the initial deposit to a successful order placement and delivery.

On-site measurements, line item reviews, shop drawing revisions, design meetings, and anything else you need during your project – our project managers and order management team do it all. And they do it extremely well.

This Is Not Just Fancy TALK. We Mean It.

That’s why every single architect we collaborate with in Long Island has a personal key fob to our Bridgehampton showroom.

We were told by the local design community that it was very important to offer a facility for an after-dinner design meeting with clients, to review products, or take care of anything else on the agenda 24/7, 365 days a year.

We listened and designed that showroom according to those needs. Right now, we have a network of over 100 architects who are active key-fob holders, and can access our showrooms any time they want.

Visit our blog for more examples of our VIP treatment.

We Care, PERIOD.

We care about your success, your growth, and your projects as if they are our own. But we don’t just care. We actively take steps to help further your professional development and ensure your success.

Our Architectural Development Team is fully up to date on the hottest fenestration trends, product innovations and offerings. This team provides support and guidance to architects for custom home projects. Not only do we know our products inside and out – but we also know our competitors thoroughly as well. With this expertise we can help you avoid a catastrophe before it starts.

To help our architect partners maintain continuing education credits and stay current on new developments in building materials, we offer CEU learning sessions FREE of charge. You can take our sessions virtually or in person — in your office, or at one of our showrooms. Schedule yours today

We challenge you that if you need something — anything – lean on us as your resource, and we’ll come through for you!

We Stand By You The WHOLE Way

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we don’t just do our due diligence and leave you to tie up all the loose ends yourself. We see EVERYTHING through to the very end.

This means that we offer after-sales service. If anything crops up after the product is ordered we have a dedicated project manager who will troubleshoot ANY manufacturing or installation problems. We’ll complete your warranty claim paperwork and stay in close contact with the manufacturer until your project is successfully concluded.

Our behind-the-scenes service coordinators gather all the information from the project managers. They communicate with the factory to get the issue diagnosed, the correct parts ordered, and the technicians scheduled. They communicate everything back to the project managers so that they can keep you in the loop.

No matter what stage you’re up to in your project, you’ll ALWAYS have support and guidance.

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