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A photo of a living room overlooking a wide patio with 6 large Weather Shield VUE windows.

Sleek, All-Aluminum Weather Shield VUE Windows Are The Perfect Choice For Your Tri-State Home

Architects And Builders Love The Versatility, Energy Rating & Style Of Weather Shield’s VUE Collection.

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we don’t pick favorites among our featured brands. Nevertheless, Weather Shield’s VUE collection has quickly become a popular choice among the architects, builders, and homeowners we work with in the Tri-State area. It’s easy to see why. Weather Shield VUE windows’ sleek design and thermally broken all-aluminum build is the perfect addition to any modern or transitional custom home – they also fit with a more traditional aesthetic and pair well with the rest of the Weather Shield window and door collections.

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Why Weather Shield

Innovative, Energy Efficient Options With Tremendous Design Flexibility

Sample cross section image of corner Weather Shield VUE window.
Weather Shield’s all-aluminum VUE collection is designed to look great on any home. Integrating perfectly with the most modern architectural styles, VUE windows can provide the perfect balance of energy efficiency, functionality, and style. Whatever your vision is for your Tri-State area new home build or remodel, sleek Weather Shield VUE windows can be a part of it. Weather Shield VUE windows are all about blending seamlessly with YOUR aesthetic. That’s why they come in such an array of sizes, styles, and colors. Weather Shield designed their VUE windows with customization in mind, engineered to accommodate a wide range of mulling combinations, utilizing a unique snap together modular mull system. So don’t be afraid to get SUPER specific. At Rockman, we are here to give you our signature VIP treatment, and that means getting the EXACT windows you want.

Types Of Weather Shield VUE Windows We Offer:

  • Casement Windows
  • Direct Set (Fixed WIndows)
  • 90-Degree Corners
  • Awnings
  • Pass-Through (Multi Slide Windows)

A Family-Owned Manufacturer With A Dedication To Perfection

Weather Shield is a family-owned business, and their close-knit community and dedication to perfection show through in their products. Weather Shield has taken ultimate pride in making this collection not only the best they make, but the best in the industry. For more than 60 years, Weather Shield has been providing outstanding window and door products to homeowners, custom home builders, and architects throughout the country.

High-Performance Engineering For Efficiency & Aesthetics

Weather Shield’s VUE collection is all about performance and precision. Because of their all-aluminum extruded design, large sizes are not a problem. Hardware is engineered to go beyond max sizes for ease of operation for anything we order.
A photo of a cross section of the corner of a double pane beveled bead Weather Shield VUE window.
Their ultra-slim design can be installed in even the thinnest wall openings, blending perfectly with your indoor-outdoor transitions. In fact, at only 2 ½ inches wide, their multi-slide door stiles are some of the thinnest on the market, and their direct set windows are an ultra-sleek 1 ⅜ inches from edge of frame to visible glass. No matter how narrow your wall or how large your openings are, Weather Shield VUE windows are an always-viable, energy-efficient choice for those who don’t want to compromise their modern aesthetic. Our meticulous process ensures seamless integration into your new home construction or remodel.

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