Door Security Features in South Hampton, NY Homes

June 16, 2023

Door Security Features That Will Benefit South Hampton, NY, Homes

From Locks To Materials, What Can Your Doors Offer You?

In addition to looking great, South Hampton, NY, homeowners want to know their doors provide them with security and peace of mind. When selecting the right door for the job, whether you’re shopping for large format doors or unique front entrance doors, security should be at the top of the list.

While you may think of locks first, there are other factors to consider when selecting a secure door for your installation project. We’ll evaluate all the essential aspects as you work with your premium large-format door supplier. 

The Different Kinds Of Locks

Locks are one of the most basic features to consider when deciding if a door offers enough security. As part of the hardware, you may be able to specify exactly what you want from the manufacturer. These are the most commonly used locking systems and their benefits.

Knob Locks

No exterior door should be installed with a knob lock alone. As its name suggests, it’s a lock that’s part of the door knob. It is one of the easiest locks to bypass, so it needs a companion locking system to pair with it.

Deadbolt Locks

The deadbolt style of lock is much stronger against potential break-ins. This option features bolts that move with the turning of a key or thumbturn. Their one-of-a-kind locking mechanism is designed well to resist many physical attacks.

You can choose from three main types of deadbolts: single, double, and vertical.

A single-cylinder deadbolt can only be activated by a key from one side, while a double-cylinder deadbolt can be activated from both sides with a key.

A vertical deadbolt is similar to the other types; however, its lock moves up and down, not horizontally. This makes the lock even more resistant to forced entry from various tools.

Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is available in light and heavy-duty styles. It is made of an internal system, which makes it essentially a lockset. This lockset may house knobs or levers and will provide greater security than just cylindrical locks by themselves.

Mortise locks are threaded, using components added inside the door. The box lock is set inside a mortise in the door’s edge and secured with a cam and screw, which creates the locking mechanism. The cylinder component is available in various heights and lengths to accommodate different styles of doors.

Keypad Locks

If you’re looking for enhanced versatility and keyless entry, a keypad door lock may be the right choice. This type of lock is opened using the attached numerical keypad instead of a key, but many also contain keyholes. The physical lock is a deadbolt or mortise lock.

Smart Locks

Another versatile option is the smart lock. This lock is electronic and may come with a keypad and keyhole. The primary benefit of this option is the ability to lock and unlock the mechanism with your phone or key fob. In addition, many smart locks are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing them to connect to the rest of your smart home devices.

Multi-Point Locking System

Designed with larger doors in mind, the multi-point locking system ensures these attractive options remain secure while providing your Suffolk County home with fantastic beauty.

The most Secure option is a five-point locking system that includes two hook bolts at the top and bottom of the door frame, a deadbolt and latch in the door’s center, and an additional two locking points around the frame opposite the hinges.

The more common version is a three-point system which includes 1 point of contact on the door head, sill and door edge.

Other Aspects Of Doors That Increase Home Security

While locks are essential to keep intruders out, many additional factors will boost your home’s safety and security. These are all essential to consider while working with your door supplier to find the best product for your installation project.

The Threshold

The threshold is an important factor, especially when considering large format doors. You have two options, weathered and non-weathered.

A weathered threshold stands approximately half an inch high (sometimes up to 2.5”), ensuring a tight seal that prevents leaking. A non-weathered threshold is sunken, lying flush with the outdoor ground. It’s ideal for accessibility purposes.

Hurricane Protection

Because we live in a coastal area, hurricanes and tropical storms are a concern for us in South Hampton, NY. Choosing doors rated for this type of weather, especially if it’s solid glass, is ideal for preventing severe damage to the product and the home.

In this case, you would want to look for doors that have passed High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing. You’ll have extra protection against the high winds and flying debris during these storms. On the East End we are classified IZ3 (Impact Zone 3), second only to dade county impact requirements.

Safety Glass

Choosing a large format door or any other type of glass door can add a significant amount of elegance and style to any Suffolk County home. To ensure its longevity and the safety and security of the house, you’ll need safety glass that is strong and shatter resistant.

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