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At Rockman Windows & Doors, every single member of our team has a role that fits them like a glove.

Having an iron in every fire might make you seem important and busy, but nothing actually gets done WELL. That’s why every employee at Rockman Windows & Doors has a very specific set of responsibilities.

Our process is built so we can hold each other accountable while supporting one another to get the job done RIGHT. We triple check everything so you don’t have to – although we do encourage you to. This system ensures that your order is crystal clear, precise, and scrutinized multiple times along the way for consistency.

We get as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Our Architectural Development Team: Assistance for the Design-Pros

We have an entire team dedicated to helping architects navigate the design process. There are a lot of things to juggle: coming up with an exquisite and pragmatic design, conforming to budget parameters, and following construction guidelines. It can be overwhelming.

Our Architectural Development Team is there for you from the very beginning — keeping you up to date on the latest developments, advising you about best practices, and guiding you to the finish line of a successful order.

We gladly help with Window Schedule Development, design meetings, preliminary budgeting, shop drawing reviews, architectural section details, offering FREE CEU credits for AIA/HSW – and anything else you need. With our expert team at your side the entire time, the window and door design process is smooth and 100% hassle free.

Our Project Managers: The Pointmen

Our project managers are a critical cog in our process. They are the critical link in the chain that connects us with the builder, architect and homeowner. Every one of our project managers has decades of in-the-field window and door experience. This makes them the ideal individuals to interact with the architects, builders, and homeowners directly and frequently.

Our project managers are trained to guide you through the complex process of ordering window and door packages by assimilating all the critical details, and conveying them to the correct parties. They also serve as a superb first line of defense against any potential pitfalls.

We require our project managers to be on site during delivery of the product so they can thoroughly inspect it prior to installation. They come down to the building site again, a few days after installation, to do a final walkthrough to make sure everything operates exactly how it should.

Our Lead Estimator: The Quote Whiz

Our estimating team is dedicated to developing a plan that fits the budget AND the customer’s vision. Our lead estimator, Steven, specifically focuses all his efforts analyzing plans and specifications, doing take-offs, creating thorough proposals, and then revising as plans change. Steven can focus FULLY on providing quotes that are PRECISE and ACCURATE, because he’s not sidetracked by interacting with customers directly or placing orders with manufacturers.

When creating a proposal, Steven combs through every single detail – taking everything into account, then relays all that pertinent job specific information to the Project Managers. We’re able to guarantee incredible accuracy on every proposal, because we give you a price you can use TODAY. This means that every window and door is accounted for and all specifications are covered. The quote is NEVER just a theoretical “on-the-desk-off-the-desk” estimate littered with errors that you will get elsewhere.

Our Order Management Team: The People Behind The Curtain

Rockman Order Process Roadmap

Our project managers are the tip of the iceberg — the part that’s visible to the customer. What you DON’T see are all the highly experienced individuals working behind the scenes to proof, review, revise or correct each order before it’s released into production.

Our mantra is NO SACRIFICES. We don’t want to sacrifice any design details on the altar of a lower budget. Our order management team invests time and effort to come up with a plan that fits the budget AND the customer’s vision.

The Executive Sales Director is our “order guru”. He makes sure all orders are FLAWLESS – no detail escapes his scrutiny. During the shop drawing phase, orders are constantly fine-tuned and there are many small details to keep track of. Mike remembers them ALL. Over the years, Mike has saved our customers and vendors MILLIONS of dollars by spotting mistakes and discrepancies.

We’re with you all the way: From the preliminary planning stages, through the order management phase, and even after the product is securely installed in the customer’s home. Our team of experienced professionals work in concert to ensure a hassle-free customer experience.

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