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We’re The Leading Supplier Of Cold Mountain Custom’s
Mixlegno Windows In The Tri-State Area

Cold Mountain Custom is the exclusive distributor of Mixlegno windows in the United States. The Mixlegno group is a close-knit, 3rd generation family-owned company hailing from Northern Italy. A Mixlegno window is a study in Italian craftsmanship, superior materials, and ingenuity. We’re proud to be the leading supplier of Cold Mountain Custom’s Mixlegno windows for Westchester, Connecticut, and East Long Island.

Mixlegno caters to a high-end, discerning clientele. They offer steel or architectural bronze thermally broken and non-thermally broken windows. Every product they produce is a breathtaking work of art that is manufactured, glazed, and finished in-house. If you own an exquisite home in the Tri-State area, we’re the supplier that can bring you impressive Mixlegno windows.


A Look Behind The Scenes At Mixlegno

World-Renowned Steel Manufacturer

Mixlegno doesn’t obtain their window parts from just any old steel profile extruder. Every single part they use for their windows is derived from the most assiduous manufacturers in the world – particularly the steel for their windows. They purchase the steel extrusions for their windows from one of the OLDEST steel manufacturers in the world.

Glazed In-House With European Glass

Mixlegno windows are manufactured and glazed under one roof. They use low-iron glass because that’s the European standard. When comparing European glass with glass produced in the United States, the difference in clarity is striking.

European glass is made from sand with a lower iron content than domestically produced glass. This lends it a much higher clarity level and less of a green tint. When purchasing domestically assembled steel windows, you need to pay a premium for low-iron glass. Since our Mixlegno windows are assembled overseas, low-iron European glass is part of the total package as a standard.

Holistic Process

Unlike their competitors who often provide the customer with parts, pieces, and glass that needs to be assembled during installation, Mixlegno keeps their window manufacturing process seamless and meticulous by doing everything themselves, under one roof. They manufacture and assemble window parts, then add all the finishing touches in-house.

Every window Mixlegno manufactures is glazed at their factory and ready to be installed. This prevents problems from cropping up in the field that can potentially lead to a spike in cost and issues down the road. If you want steel windows that will look drop-dead gorgeous in your home – don’t go at it alone. We have the experience and the systems in place that will make the process completely hassle-free.

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Cold Mountain Custom’s Mixlegno Showcase

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