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Cortizo Windows: High-End, Thermally Broken
Aluminum Windows For The Tri-State Area

We’re The Leading Supplier Of Cortizo East Windows —The Industry’s
Metal Masterpiece Window Manufacturer.

If you’re looking for a modern masterpiece with the NARROWEST sightlines for your home in the Tri-State area – Cortizo Windows is the brand for you. Every single window they manufacture is hand assembled with the highest quality aluminum and hardware, with crystal clear low-iron European glass, and most importantly is thermally broken to prevent the transfer of exterior and interior temperatures.

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“We Start With The Finish”

The Cortizo Windows manufacturing process is overseen by metal experts from start to finish. That’s why their motto is: “We start with the finish.” From the instant they provide the very first quote with a customer’s specifications, up until the final installation – they NEVER drop the ball.

Cortizo Windows places a huge emphasis on details throughout the entire window production. Every single proposal includes attachment metals, and Installation with pan flashing, and waterproofing. For every other aluminum window supplier, these details are EXTRAS – but for Cortizo windows they come with every package.

Best Value Package

Cortizo Windows are not your typical high-end aluminum window brand. They afford us the unique ability to mix and match industry leading brands like Raynaers, Cortizo, Aluprof, and Schuco, to provide the absolute best value for your home. Since Cortizo Windows finishes their windows at the same time in the same facility, we’re able to blend the strongest product types of each brand to create a first-class FULLY CUSTOM package for your home.

The final result is the absolute BEST VALUE premium residential thermally broken window – impossible to get anywhere else.

European Glass

Because their products are assembled and glazed overseas, Cortizo Windows uses European glass as the standard glass for their windows. European glass is made from sand with a lower iron content than glass made here in the United States. Due to its lower iron content, European glass has a much higher clarity level than its domestic counterpart. This gives it less of a green hue so you can truly bring the outside in.

Our competitors that offer domestically assembled brands – the SAME name brands we use, just built in the US – can’t compete with the price points we offer for our superior glass packages.

White Glove Installation

Cortizo windows are complex and consist of many parts that need to be assembled during installation. If installed incorrectly, a window will not function at peak performance – or worse, have major issues throughout its lifespan.

For this reason, we ONLY sell Cortizo products as installed packages. Cortizo Windows provides their own locally based installation experts to install their windows precisely and perfectly in your home, leaving no room for error, finger pointing, or problems with operation.

These installations always include pan flashing, waterproofing and weather sealing – additions that are always EXTRA from our competitors.

Our Complete White Glove Installation package also includes receiving the materials on-site, unloading, and the appropriate machinery for handling and installation purposes. We apply any transition metal or trim metals purchased. We complete a final walk-through and last set of adjustments right before client turnover to ensure PRISTINE operation of every single unit.

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