Risks Of Using Box Stores (Home Depot) For New Windows

March 24, 2023

The Risk Of Using Big Box Stores To Buy New Windows In East Hampton, NY

Despite popular belief, less expensive is not always better – and this is especially true when it comes to adding windows to your East Hampton, NY, home or renovation project. It’s best to invest in high-quality products that will last a long time and save you and your client money in the long run.

It can be tempting to purchase new windows from a big box or building supply stores, chances are that’s where you’re buying most of your other supply items anyway. But there are multiple disadvantages to making that decision when it comes to windows.

Not only do big box stores not have the capacity to focus on the individual customer for the length of time these orders typically take, they severely lack the company wide expertise to successfully guide you, your design team or your builder through a custom order.

You should always be knowledgeable about all aspects of the home construction process and the products you’re using. Our experts have compiled several compelling reasons to choose a local window professional to purchase your new windows.

What Is The Difference Between A Big Box Store And A Specialty Window Company?

The key difference between box stores and the niche retail companies is the concept of specialization. Big stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry thousands of different products for every phase of construction, and the main goal is to sell each and every one.

This business model hinders their employees from getting extensive industry experience with one single product category like windows – as they say, Jack of all trades is a master of none. While they may have an “expert” dedicated to that aisle or department, there is a very good chance they have limited training and minimal experience in any one area.

Most employees in building supply stores move departments often, and never get the chance to learn all they need to know about one product category.

On the other hand, a local specialized company offers true expertise because they’ve dedicated their careers to understanding the local needs, and have tackled the challenges of a specific geography for a lengthy number of years.

These specialty window companies have significantly less turnover, so you’ll have a dedicated expert through your entire renovation process, and they can answer any questions you have because of their extended knowledge on all things windows.

For example, these experts can advise you on which rooms to place casement windows and which rooms would look better with double hung. They can explain how each kind opens up the room, ventilates, or brings the outside world into the home.

All in all, specialty window companies do this every day, while big box stores and building supply locations only dedicate a small amount of their bandwidth to fenestrations..

Why Specialty Window Design Companies Are The Better Option

Specialty window companies offer a high-touch personalized experience for every customer. This involves customizations and a wide range of window options, like casement windows and architectural windows that are tailored to meet your design and style needs.

They have built relationships with all their manufacturers, and can offer creative solutions to any problems you have with the products or installation process.

They’ve also dedicated years to their craft, learning their own products’ pros and cons, in addition to products offered by competitors, so they can communicate potential problems and be completely transparent. This communication saves you time, money, and client dissatisfaction.

Specialized dealers have more industry expertise with windows and can offer better guidance for different factors like energy efficiency, sound attenuation, size limitations, functionalities and traffic flow concerns.

Overall, big box stores don’t give you the same involvement in the design or construction process as window design companies do, and involvement is absolutely critical when you have a specific vision for your project.

Disadvantages Of Buying Windows From Box Stores and Building Supply Stores

A few factors play into how windows will look, feel, operate and last in your home, and box stores often lack the attention to key in on these factors. Let’s review the disadvantages of purchasing windows from box stores like Home Depot.

No Customization

As mentioned earlier, a window design company can customize many windows, like casement windows, double-hung windows, etc. Big box stores stock inventory, so customization isn’t an option.

This can be annoying when you need to adjust the frame size, upgrade glass coatings, or find a specific color window or hardware to better fit your East Hampton, NY, home environment and design.

Lower Quality

With mass-produced inventory and stock items on the shelf, your options can suffer because there is no direct control over the sizing and overall style.

When manufacturers fill custom orders, they need very specific details from the dealer who is managing requests from the architect, builder and homeowner. Stock items typically won’t fill any of these needs.

Lower quality usually means cheap, because the stores need to sell the products fast and restock shelves to turn a profit. These crucial sacrifices are usually found in quality.

While they might offer a big name brand, stock items are typically from that brand’s lowest level offerings.

No Involvement In The Process

The process with box stores involves a customer picking the window off the shelf, or the store ordering it from their warehouse, and then the product arriving at the store for the customer to pick up.

Some big box stores may have the ability to offer a “custom order” package but buyer beware: the chances that you’ll work with the same person from start to finish is virtually zero, and it won’t be a personalized experience.

Believe it or not, it’s in your best interest to be involved in the window design process for your East Hampton, NY construction project, especially if you’re creating a home for your client. The more detailed you can be, the more satisfied you will be with the results.

Good specialty window dealers have a thorough plan set in place, where each step includes double checks for accuracy and requires approval and feedback from the clients before the windows are manufactured, and installed.

So Many Middlemen

Big Box stores are constantly employing new people, and due to their nature, the turnover rates are extremely high.

When you undergo a window design project, it’s a very detailed, hands-on process.

If the person you’re working with ends up leaving and you have to continuously explain your wants and needs to somebody new, it’s going to take longer and become extremely frustrating.

It’s better if you work with one expert through the entire renovation, so you get the exact product you’re looking for without the extra hassle.

Lack Of Communication

With a big box store, if you have any problem with the final product, the management will most often tell you to directly address the problem with the manufacturer – and they usually won’t have a service department that can help you.

Due to their vast majority of customers each day, they don’t offer the solutions themselves, which can leave you on your own, and make it extremely frustrating to fix the problem.

Specialty window design companies handle all the communication between the customer and the manufacturer – they act as your liaison and consultant from estimating, through ordering, and even after installation for any of those times service is required.

Since they have a trusted relationship with their partner brands, sometimes there’s even room for leeway when it comes to order changes and adjustments during production or after sales services.

After-Sales Services

As we all know, your renovation project doesn’t stop after you buy the windows. There’s still many steps, including installation and aftercare. What happens if two years down the road, the windows you installed get damaged?

Big box stores and building supply locations are focused on one thing: selling their products. After you walk out those doors, it’s up to you to figure out the rest.

Specialty window companies are with you through the entire building process – from drawing up the window designs to answering questions after installation.

They have strong relationships with every manufacturer, so the warranties are created with you and your client in mind, and there’s more assistance with warranty claims than from big box stores.

For example, at Rockman Windows and Doors, one of our brands warranties is transferable which means the warranty stays with the building, not the original owner – a very nice point if you plan on selling the home in the future.

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