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Typically, window and door suppliers rely on name recognition to convince you to buy their products for your Cold Spring home. But that doesn’t necessarily mean their products are high quality. At Rockman Windows & Doors – we do things differently.

To partner with a window and door brand, we need to believe in their products fully. That means that every one of our manufacturers has to meet our very high standards. And every single one of our featured brands does exactly that.

When you get a window or door from Rockman Windows & Doors, you ALWAYS get:

  • Consistent, top notch customer service
  • HIGHLY experienced window and door professionals facilitating the success of your order
  • Solid warranties that our manufacturer partners honor
  • 100% accountability and reliability

Our Architectural Development Team Assists With Your Window & Door Design

Coming up with a practical window and door design that fits within your budget and conforms to construction guidelines can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s where our Architectural Development Team steps in. Our team of experts have the sole responsibility of guiding architects, builders and homeowners through the design and preliminary budgeting stages.

Our team of professionals is there for you from the start, keeping you in the loop on the latest design trends, advising you about best practices, and guiding you into the shop drawing phase where our Project Managers and Order Management team will step in to bring you to the finish line of a successful order.

Why Choose Thermally Broken Windows & Doors For Your Home
In Cold Spring, NY?

When it comes to heating and cooling your home efficiently, windows and doors are your home’s weak spots. If you don’t make sure that your windows and doors are sufficiently insulated, you’re at risk of heat loss. Thermally broken windows and doors have a thermal barrier built within the frame. This minimizes heat or cold transfer between the interior and exterior of your home.

Increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling costs by choosing thermally broken windows and doors.

Benefits Of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors

Aesthetics: Aluminum clad wood windows and doors have rich wooden frames and core components paired with a beautiful aluminum clad exterior.

Upkeep: Extruded aluminum clad windows and doors need less upkeep than wood windows and doors AND are stronger and longer lasting.

Durability: Aluminum clad wood windows and doors last for decades without warping, expanding, cracking, fading, peeling or becoming worn down by weather changes.

Rockman Windows & Doors VIP Treatment

  • Our teams provide support and guidance from the design phase until after installation.
  • Every order is tailor-made to the customer’s needs, preferences and specifications.
  • We work with our manufacturers to get you maximum warranty coverage.

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