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Rockman Windows & Doors Insists On Bringing You
The BEST Brands In The World

Windows and doors are a HUGE part of your East Hampton home’s look. The style and material of your windows and doors determine the aesthetic of your home. That’s why we’re obsessed with finding the precise windows and doors that will complete your home.

We partner with world-famous brands like Weather Shield, Lepage Millwork, Ital East Corp, Mixlegno, and Somerset because we don’t EVER compromise on quality. Every single one of our featured brands has meticulous workmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Our Windows & Doors Are Flawless From The Inside Out

It’s common for window and door manufacturers to skimp on hardware by using cheaply made parts for their windows and doors. NOT US. Our partners use high-quality, top-of-the-line hardware. That’s why all of our products operate seamlessly.

How Your East Hampton Home Can Benefit From Windows & Doors
That Are Thermally Broken

Your home’s windows and doors make a BIG difference in your energy savings – and spending. If you want to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and minimize heat loss, choose thermally broken windows and doors.

Thermally broken windows and doors have a thermal barrier built within the frame. This break minimizes heat or cold transfer between the inside and outside of your home, keeping your home’s conditioned air inside your home and preventing hot or cold air from entering.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors Might Be IDEAL
For Your East Hampton Home

Aluminum clad wood windows and doors are a TRIPLE threat. They’re beautiful, low-maintence, and extremely durable. They have all the benefits and richness of wood windows and doors, but none of the downsides – like annual maintenance and refinishing.

You can expect an aluminum clad wood window to last for decades without warping, expanding, or becoming worn down by weather changes.

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