A Peek At Our OCD Review Process

May 20, 2022

A Peek At Our OCD Window & Door
Review Process

How Our Order Management Team Eliminates Risk,
Nips Problems In The Bud & Ensures The
TOTAL Success Of Your Project

We deal with complex window and door projects every day. By “complex,” we mean projects that involve hundreds of thousands of dollars and multiple involved parties – architects, contractors, builders, and homeowners.

The amount of detail, communication and coordination these projects require is ENORMOUS. There are pages and pages of documents to review and endless rounds of revisions. Despite all this, at Rockman Windows & Doors, we NEVER drop the ball. We stay on top of every detail. We review every document that passes through our hands. And we ensure that your window and door project is an absolute success.

Here’s how we do that.

Combing Through The Estimate

After we give the customer a proposal and receive their deposit check, we proof out the estimate. We don’t just give it a once-over or a quick skim – we dedicate four to five hours to go through the quote and capture each line specified by the architect.

By going through every detail of the estimate, we can pinpoint errors before they turn into costly problems. It also gives us a chance to clarify anything that might not be crystal clear. When we sign off on your order to the manufacturers, we want to be 100% okay with every single word. We take full accountability for everything that passes through our hands.

Creating Detailed Shop Drawings

The next phase of the window and door process is to create a visual representation of the window and door order. It’s essential that the shop drawings mirror the estimate exactly so that the architect, builder, and customer can know precisely what they are purchasing.

The shop drawings are detailed cross-sections that show how the windows and doors are configured in great detail. When all involved parties look over the shop drawings, they can clearly see whether the windows and doors fulfill all of their requirements and note whatever needs to be changed. It helps pinpoint areas where we might have issues with transitions, wall details, trim detail and so on.

We take the time to include as much detail as possible when creating the shop drawings because we know how critical they are for visualizing the result.

Changes, Changes, More Changes

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we want your window and door package to fulfill your needs and preferences PERFECTLY. That’s why we’re constantly communicating with the architect, builder, and customer regarding minor and major changes to the original proposal as we go from estimate to shop drawings to order production. We’re not afraid of redoing an estimate, even if that involves a lot of hard work if it means that it better reflects the customer’s desires.

When we send the shop drawings to the architect and builder to proof – we are ready for any changes they request. Once we receive their updates, we’ll revise the estimate and adjust the shop drawings accordingly. Usually, the whole revision process back and forth takes about one to two months BEFORE your order can go into production.

Do Not Pass Go Until You Sign FOUR Times

Communication is critical when dealing with so many individuals. We don’t proceed with your order until we are sure that all parties approve of every single detail of the order – remember communication and coordination are king. We’ll guide you through every step until your order is successfully completed.

That’s why we have FOUR sign-offs in our final DocuSign package:

The Proposal Summary: A 2-page document that lists the scope of the project and details the pricing.

The Quote Body: A document that lists every detail of the order and is the “meat and potatoes.” It is not uncommon for this to be 50-80 pages on larger orders.

The Shop Drawings: The visual elevations and cross-sections of every window and door on the order – all drawn to scale.

The Sales Contract: A 2-page document stating that all parties agree to the sale.

The architect, builder, and customer all receive digital copies of these documents. We need a sign-off approval on every one of these documents before we submit the order to the manufacturer. This is how we ensure we all stay on the same page and all orders are perfect.

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