3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Multiple Quotes

May 20, 2022
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ATTN Homeowners, Architects, And Builders:
Getting Multiple Window & Door Quotes
Will Only HARM You

3 Reasons Why Getting Quotes From Many Dealers
Is Misleading And Can Have Costly Consequences

It’s human nature to want to get the BEST DEAL on kitchens, cars, appliances – everything. And getting multiple quotes seems like the smartest way to get there. That method may work well for cars and appliances, but when it comes to windows and doors, the opposite is true.

And yet, architects, builders, and homeowners continue to acquire multiple window and door quotes with the mistaken idea that this will help them find the best deal on their window and door package.

As counter-intuitive as it might sound, multiple window and door quotes will NOT service you in the slightest. Here’s why:

#1 It’s Confusing

Getting more than one window and door quote does NOT make your decision easier; it makes it much HARDER.

For example, a recent customer received two different quotes from Marvin window and door suppliers. In a perfect world, the quotes would be exactly the same. But there was a $45,000(!) difference between these two quotes. The Architect asked if we could shed some light on this, so not being a Marvin dealer we were happy to help. Somewhere along the way, either one or both quotes were missing items, had incorrect varying specifications, and had inaccurate pricing. After our spec-for-spec analysis we even found 1 of the Marvin quotes issued was the dealers net cost – oh boy.

Another common issue that causes confusion is the discrepancies between multiple product lines from one manufacturer. When you get quotes from many different dealers, the sizing, quality, and profiles of the windows and doors could be entirely different – it comes down to the interpretation of the individual quoting. You may receive several prices, but you’ll have no idea what those window and door packages will actually look like.

#2 It’s Inaccurate

Architects, builders, and homeowners are not window and door experts. They typically look at the bottom-line price and don’t question whether the quotes they receive are all-encompassing, accurate, or of equal value. And they usually aren’t. When putting together a quote for a large and complex window and door order, there is A LOT of room for error.

Some very common mistakes include:

  • Different products quoted for the same line item across multiple dealers: For example, we’ve seen cases where a standard sliding patio door is quoted instead of a multi-slide door. This can result in substantial price differences – sometimes $8,000 or more on a single line item.
  • Incorrect pricing:: We’ve recently seen a quote that had the dealer’s cost listed for the entire quote. There’s NO WAY the dealer would honor that estimate later on – but the customer is not aware of that when receiving the quote.
  • Items left off the quote:: We’ve seen as much as $30,000’s worth of windows and doors left off estimates – if not more. It’s common for front doors, mudroom doors, and other “specialty doors” to be deemed separate from the overall window and door package and omitted from the quote. If the dealer doesn’t communicate this to the customer at the time of the quote, it will remain a gray area that will inevitably result in changes to the order down the line – aka it will cost more money.
  • Not enough detail:: Often, necessary specifications are left off the quote. This means that the quote is subject to change and that there’s no guarantee that the windows and doors will be manufactured according to the Architect specifications or customer’s preferences. Items as simple as tax and freight can add a lot to the overall cost, but are rarely listed on competitor estimates.

We offer FREE spec-for-spec analysis of our competitors’ quotes for this reason. And we often find inconsistencies and mistakes that save people a lot of frustration. In short, looking at the bottom line price of multiple quotes gives you NO indication of what kind of window and door package you’ll be getting.

#3 It Doesn’t Account For Value

When you receive multiple quotes from different dealers, you have NO IDEA what the quality of your window and door package is going to be like. It also doesn’t take into account the expertise and professionals that will actually be working on your order. Dealers know that customers are hunting for the best deal, and some unethical suppliers take advantage of this by including low-quality products in the quote to lower the price. They won’t take the responsibility to proof your order for mistakes, or walk you through everything to avoid problems before they happen – there is a value to experience and an error free order.

Additionally, when you get quotes from many different dealers, the specifications for the different manufacturers are of varying quality, sizing, profiles, and product lines. Aside from causing alignment issues, this can degrade the overall design of your window and door package.

Bottom line: If you care about the quality of your window and door package, the multiple bid method is extremely misleading.

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