Are Glass Patio Doors Safe For Bedford, NY Homes?

December 5, 2023

How To Make Glass Exterior Doors Safe
For Your Bedford, NY Home

Ensure Your Safety With Glass
Exterior Patio Doors

There are many benefits to having a glass exterior door for your home. These patio doors in Bedford, NY allow for a lot of natural light to come through. It helps connect your home to the outdoors, and it allows you to get an excellent view of the outside, your yard, and various types of greenery.

While many people enjoy the idea of glass exterior doors, there are concerns about whether they are a safety concern. Luckily, glass exterior doors are incredibly safe. However, if you have any of these concerns, the following are a few ideas of how you can ensure your family’s safety while still having the perfect glass exterior patio door for your home.

Having High-Quality Glass Patio Doors

The first thing you should consider when it comes to glass exterior doors is the quality of your glass. You want to choose a type of glass that is durable from outside force. Tempered or laminated glass both serve as strong, resilient types of glass doors.

With this type of glass, you protect your home from flying debris and objects, as well as attempts at forced entry. When selecting a custom glass door, make sure to ask about the type of glass used as a material.

A Strong Patio Door Frame

The next thing to consider with your glass door is the frame. A strong frame further strengthens the resistance of your door and prevents forced entry. There are different types of materials you can use for your frame. While some of the most durable include a steel frame or reinforced wood, there are various other types to consider as well. By combining a strong door frame with durable glass, you strengthen the security of your glass door significantly.

Strong Patio Door Locks

Once you’ve got the right frame and glass for your door, the next step is to prevent forced entry in a different manner. By getting strong locks for your door, you can stop someone from entering against your wishes.

There are various types of locks to choose from. Make sure to pick one that has a multi-point lock system or a strong locking mechanism, such as a deadbolt, for even more security. Ensuring your glass door is always locked is a great way to make sure everyone in your home feels safe.

Reducing Glass Patio Door Visibility

While the strength of your patio door is important, you want to make sure no one is able to view the inside of your home whenever they wish. There are different things you can do to reduce visibility in your home.

One advanced decision you can make is choosing a type of glass that’s difficult to see through. Frosted or textured glass gives many of the same benefits as glass doors without the same level of visibility inside your home.

However, if you want something that’s a bit simpler, consider getting blinds or curtains and placing them against your door. Through curtains, you choose when you want to let natural light into your home or prevent outside eyes from peering into your home.

Add More Security To Your Patio Door Home

While security around your exterior door is nice, it gives you an opportunity to consider improved security for your entire home. You can do several things for your home that make your glass exterior doors safe, as well as all aspects of your home.

You can integrate a security system or cameras into your home. Security systems have triggers that let you know when someone is tampering with your door. Cameras allow you to see whenever someone is trying to enter your home, whether you’re physically there or not.

If you’re concerned that the structure of your glass exterior door in Bedford, NY, isn’t safe, these additional security measures are helpful to consider.

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