Overcoming The Challenges of Expansive Opening Designs

December 1, 2023

Pros And Cons Of Expansive Openings
For Bridgehampton, NY Doors

Bring More Beauty And Nature To Your Home
With Stylish Large Format Doors

Large format doors in Bridgehampton, NY allow you to give your home a more expansive opening that comes with a lot of benefits. From being better connected with nature to more ventilation, there are several reasons for a large door with an expansive opening.

However, the one thing to keep in mind is that these openings come with a number of challenges. We’ll go over all of the pros, cons, and challenges that come with expansive openings so you can make an informed decision.

Pros Of Expansive Openings For
Bridgehampton, NY Homes

Expansive openings have a combination of aesthetic and functional appeal that many people may enjoy. They’re a key element when it comes to more contemporary and modern design styles that may be the perfect fit for your home.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Perhaps one of the most common pros of expansive openings is the connection to the outdoors. If you want to incorporate an indoor-outdoor living scenario for your home, these openings are great. You’ll also get a strong, natural aesthetic appeal. These doors serve as the vehicle for highlighting an amazing view of the outdoors.

Natural Light

If you prefer taking advantage of more natural elements, then expansive openings are great. The natural light can keep parts of your home well-lit throughout the day. You can also take advantage of the extra sunlight to reduce energy consumption.

Keeps Your Home Cool

Clean air circulation and ventilation are a great part of having a home with expansive openings. During the summer months, it can be great to open your door and let air in while enjoying the outdoors.

Cons Of Expansive Openings In Suffolk County

Expansive openings are great for many reasons, but they also come with several potential drawbacks. These are some of the common downsides you may face when it comes to having an expansive opening in your home.

More Difficult To Install

Large format doors have tighter tolerances, which means the installation has to be that much more perfect to ensure ease of operation. No matter how good a door may be, a bad installation will cause difficulties when using, which is often described as “heavy”.

Regular Maintenance

Another con to consider with outdoor accordion doors and multi-slides is maintenance. Large format doors are susceptible to the same wear and tear that other doors have, and taking care of them can be difficult. Keep in mind the costs that may come with repairing these doors. Neglecting maintenance can lead to damage.

Weather Exposure

While opening your home to the elements does have its positive aspects, it comes with its fair share of negatives as well. Larger doors are susceptible to more damage during periods of inclement weather. Additional water mitigation may be needed or at least considered. Large format doors typically have lower DP (design pressure) ratings, which means that a breach of water or air could be a common issue in areas with high wind zones.

Challenges Of Expansive Openings
For The East End Of Long Island

If you want to go through getting a custom large format door with an expansive opening, then consider the challenges that will come with it. While the benefits may be worth it, it’s best to consider the following challenges that come with a new installation.

Structural Issues

Expansive openings take work to install and sometimes additional structural support in your home. You’ll need proper engineering and preparation before installing one. This can prove to be costly and may require an architect, additional time for planning, and a bigger construction project than originally intended.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a potential issue for large-format glass doors. In order to make up for the space that an expansive opening covers, you’ll need to come up with effective privacy solutions. Blinds and curtains are a simple solution. And, more recently, switchable glass has become an option for privacy when wanted – Clic Glass can switch from clear to opaque with a click of a button.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow…

These large doors are becoming more and more popular with new brands popping up all the time. Mostly in the aluminum space, which can be dangerous to venture into alone. Many are white labeling and most do not have structural or energy ratings. This has also led to brokers selling imported products, which is a dangerous game to get into.

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