The Ugly Truths Behind Installation Cost
Discrepancies In South Hampton, NY

July 14, 2023

The Ugly Truths Behind Installation Cost Discrepancies In South Hampton, NY

What You Need To Know To Avoid Costly Errors For Your Project

If you’re planning a door installation project in South Hampton, NY, any cost discrepancies can prove to be a significant problem. When you expect one price for your large format doors and end up with a much larger bill, it can negatively impact your project, resulting in delays and the potential for canceling the entire installation.

Choosing a supplier that will cover every detail of your custom door order is critical to ensure accuracy. Then, when your installation costs are written up, it’s crucial to guarantee every line is in order. We’ll explore what can happen when even the smallest detail is out of order for your installation costs.

Wrong Products Quoted For Specific Line Items

When reviewing your product quote, ensuring you’re getting the information for the right doors is essential. You can end up with a mistake that costs as much as $10,000 when the wrong information is entered into your proposal.

If you plan to install several large format doors but your proposal incorrectly states standard patio sliding doors, your projected costs will look great. The problems will rear their ugly heads when the wrong products arrive. Or, if the mistake is caught before the order goes through, your costs will astronomically jump, resulting in a dissatisfied customer.

One common problem is when the incorrect line item successfully completes the entire order process. Once it arrives, you’ll need to go through the process of sending it back and ordering the correct product. This will result in a significant loss of profits and time on your project.

Incorrect Pricing On Products

Most architects, builders, and homeowners are not door experts, which means they often look at the total cost, aka “the bottom line” of a proposal, instead of the entire quote package when reviewing and comparing among multiple suppliers. This could be problematic if there were a problem with the pricing listed on the large format glass doors in the order.

If you see a price that looks way too good to be true, it’s time to dig deeper to avoid any surprises later on. We’ve seen instances where a South Hampton, NY, supplier listed their dealer’s cost throughout the entire quote. While it looked great on paper, there was no way that estimate would be honored when the time came for the client to place a deposit on the order.

Items Missing From The Supplier Proposal

While your proposal may be as many as 80-100 line items long, it’s crucial to read it line by line. You’ll want to ensure every opening is included.

It’s a common practice among some Suffolk County suppliers to consider specialty doors, like large format or Multi-slide doors, separate from the overall package. In these situations, they’ll leave these items off the proposal assuming they are “By Others”.

Unfortunately, you won’t be informed that these items are left off the quote until later when they’re added to the cost. You’ll see your costs skyrocket as these units are added on or have to be purchased elsewhere. So, while you and your customer budgeted for one price, you’ll be looking at a much different number in order to complete the design.

The Supplier Proposal Lacks Sufficient Details

Your proposal from your Suffolk County door supplier should also include all the essential details for your order – such as material the doors are made of, colors, glass types, hardware types and finishes. If any details are missing, the cost is subject to change, leaving you hanging.

The Installation Quote Doesn’t Specify Specialists Vs. Laborers

For custom-built, luxury doors, your average laborer is not experienced enough to complete the installation. However, if your installation quote doesn’t specify the difference between whether a door installation specialist or hired laborer will be completing the work, it can result in both cost discrepancies and problems with operation later on.

Specialists are specifically trained in the skills needed to install high-end Bi-fold or Multi-slide doors, and their expertise comes at a premium rate. Laborers generally don’t cost as much and don’t perform work with as much precision, ultimately resulting in call backs, damage or worse – a door that never works right.

You’ll need to ensure that your quote specifically states a specialist will complete the installation and how much their services will cost. This will save you from costly service or reinstallation later on.

The Installation Quote Doesn’t Include All Needed Equipment And Materials

Another thing to look for is missing information regarding the needed equipment and materials for your installation. Using specialized equipment can increase costs, but if it’s not listed on the initial quote, you won’t know to expect the charges.

Reviewing your installation quote line by line is as important as your product proposal. The common phrase used to get around this is “equipment and machinery not included” or you may see “Exclusions: anything not specifically listed herein.”

In addition, you’ll need to verify if waterproofing and door pans are included, as these services cost extra. You may see on your proposal “installation within prepared openings” meaning pans are not included.

Scrambling to add it later can be stressful, so it’s best to ensure it’s included from the start because if it’s left out completely you will experience a host of water problems forever.

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We deep dive into every proposal, looking for possible errors to ensure 100% accuracy. With a dedicated team member at each step of the process, we can provide a smooth order every time.

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