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July 10, 2023

How Casement Window Security Features Can Protect Any East Hampton, NY, Home

One of the main concerns when choosing windows for your renovation or new construction project in East Hampton, NY, is whether or not they can keep the home safe and secured.

With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best product for your needs. This is especially true with all the different window functions and specifications that require extensive industry knowledge.

However, casement windows have some incredible security features that are proven to outperform the rest.

Many homeowners, architects, and builders believe they need to sacrifice aesthetics to get a window that will keep them or their client safe. But with new casement windows, you can get the best of both worlds.

Let’s take a look at how this type of window can give you the security you need to sleep easy at night.

What Is A Casement Window?

A casement window, also known as a crank window, is attached by a side hinge that allows the window to open left or right.

These windows are highly desirable if you want maximum ventilation; they are most often used in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

They feature a layout that allows you to open them from the inside whenever the room needs more airflow. These windows offer a versatile design that fits best in East Hampton, NY, homes with prairie, farmhouse modern, transitional, contemporary or craftsman style architecture.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Casement Windows?

Before you decide if you want to install a casement window, you should be fully aware of the different kinds that exist. Making the right decision for the design style, structure, and needs of the architectural space and daily use is absolutely crucial to a successful window order. 

Crank Out Casement Windows

Crank out casement windows operate by the use of a hand crank. The entire panel opens to offer ventilation to the home. These windows typically don’t feature muntins (or divided lites), which means there’s a clean, unobstructed view for the homeowner to enjoy. However, a simple divided lite pattern is not uncommon with farmhouse modern or prairie style homes, which any casement window can accommodate.

Pushout Casement Windows

Pushout casement windows are similar to crank out casements, except instead of a crank, they have a latch. To open them, the latch must be released and the window pushed out. Then, when it’s time to close them, the window is simply pulled back in.

French Casement Windows

These windows open from the center and feature a wide, unobstructed view with no center post. When closed they look like a twin casement and when opened provide maximum ventilation.


Inswing casement windows are also hinged on the side, but instead of pushing the sash outwards, it will be swung inward to open. There are also French inswing casements for wider openings with no center post.

Some East Hampton, NY homeowners prefer this because they can be as large as some doors, featuring more narrow stile and rails and allowing less obstruction to outdoor entertainment areas like patios or walkways. They can be a great addition to help blend your inside and outside living spaces.

Safety Benefits Of Casement Windows

While no window guarantees an intruder can’t get in, a casement window can make it increasingly difficult and offer you peace of mind. 

There are a few ways that the design and functionality of these windows can prevent a break-in and even make a home safer in the event of a house fire. 

The Secure Frame

The frame of modern casement windows are tightly sealed when closed and latched, making it nearly impossible for somebody to enter your home. 

The locking mechanism of the window is inside the frame, so even if a burglar attempted to break it open with a crowbar, the frame would remain intact and could only be opened from inside the home.

These locking mechanisms are also known as “multi-point” locks or hardware. They’re known for their multiple points of locking contact which outperform single point cam locks, which only have one point of locking contact.

Other Useful Benefits of Casement Windows

While safety is always the main priority, other aspects of functionality matter when choosing the perfect window for your home

Better Interior Temperature Control

Casement windows offer better interior temperature control than sliding window alternatives because they have a single sash which is able to seal on all four sides with multiple points of locking contact. On the other hand, double-hung or slider windows have two sashes on multiple planes and have worse air infiltration ratings.

The seal on your new windows is critical to energy efficiency and livability. Finding a local installation company with a meticulous process can help ensure your windows are ready for Mother Nature. 

Complements Other Design Aspects

A casement window is known for having a modern, stylish design that fits well in most types of homes. 

They don’t usually clash with any specific colors or styles, so whether you’re decorating a retro home with vintage furniture or a modern new build with a minimalistic environment, these windows are certain to complement the space well without losing key functionality. 

Complements Other Windows

Not only do casement windows fit well in different styles of homes, they also complement the other window designs in the same space.

This versatility makes it easy to dress the other rooms in the living space with different windows, or even more so large format doors and patio doors. 

Low Maintenance

Quality casement windows are made from durable, long-lasting materials that rarely need maintenance.  An extruded aluminum clad exterior is super reliable which makes them the perfect choice to withstand the harsh elements or if you’re tired of routinely calling handypersons to your East Hampton, NY, home.

They are easy to clean and care for to remove salt and sand debris, so you save money and time by lowering the odds of necessary repairs over time.


Modern casement windows have many customization options, which give you the ultimate design flexibility and control over the character of your home. You can even have casements that simulate the look of a double-hung window if you would like the best of both worlds.

What Is The Cost Of A Casement Window?

The cost of these windows, including installation, varies widely based on the materials and type of casement window.

Typically, a quality casement window can range anywhere from $600 on the low end to upwards of $5,000 at the extreme high end

It’s best to find a good window company that is transparent with pricing and the process so you can have peace of mind when renovating your home or starting a new construction build.  

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