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December 13, 2023

Why You Should Get Your Tri-State Windows Doors From A Company That Communicates

Without Clear Communication & Inter-Company Coordination, Your Tri-State Home Renovation Project Can Go Awry.

The home remodeling and construction industry doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being communicative. From big-box retailers who simply WON’T help you, to flaky, disappearing sales reps, finding a Tri-State window and door company that communicates clearly is no easy feat.

Fortunately, Rockman Windows & Doors is here for architects, builders and homeowners alike who want to know they’re being heard throughout their remodeling project or new home construction.

Our Interconnected Web Of Company & Client Communication

A lot of our Tri-State area clients might not know this, but we’re actually a remote company. We deal with suppliers all around the world and have internal support staff throughout the country.

In fact, we were doing it before 2020, so when the whole world started to shift in that direction, we were WAY ahead of the curve. We like to say we were remote before we knew what remote was.

Each one of our support staff members has an Amazon Echo Show device to connect with coworkers, manufacturers, and potential customers, allowing for seamless “face-to-face” meetings and constant lines of communication. It’s like they’re right here in our showroom.

Keeping multiple professionals across a range of fields–in multiple locations–on the same page requires consistent communication. We need our suppliers, our clients, and our specialists spread across the Eastern United States to know EXACTLY what to expect and when to expect it.

It’s all part of Our Meticulous Process for ensuring your Hamptons home remodeling project goes smoothly and turns out flawlessly.

Our CRM System Ensures EVERYONE Is On The Same Page

CRM systems are the name of the game in the home remodeling business. Without a clear-cut, functioning CRM system for ensuring everyone gets the SAME information, your project is bound to go off the rails.

What makes our CRM system so great?

Our system is so effective because all messages and correspondence are stored, tracked, and easily retrieved.

This means nothing ever slips through the cracks and that YOU will be the first to know when there is a development regarding your project. This also means you don’t have to start over when you call us for an update. All our reps are already on the same page.

At Rockman, VIP Treatment means staying informed without YOU having to lift a finger.

We Answer Calls & Emails And Will ALWAYS Call You Back

Fancy technology aside, it is our attitude and approach to communication that sets us apart from other Tri-State area window and door companies.

First of all, we answer our phones. PERIOD. If you call us outside of business hours, we’ll call you back, usually within 24-48 hours, and the same goes for emails.

In fact, you won’t just get a generic response, either. Instead, you’ll receive a thorough response to your inquiry.

We might even ask YOU a few questions.

As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for us to submit a list of follow-up questions to you just so we can be certain we’re addressing your needs and finding the best elite window and door solutions for your project.

Finally–just to make SURE everything is in order–-we assign a dedicated project manager to your project who acts as the “orchestra conductor” for your order.

They see that your project goes according to plan, with your products being delivered and installed without a hitch.

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