The Home Where Every Window’s A Door

June 23, 2023
Case Study

The NY Hamptons Home Where Every “Window” Is A Door That Fully Opens To The Outside

We Were Thrilled To Be Able To Help This Architect Construct His Personal Dream Home.

If everyone just built boring, generic-looking homes, we probably wouldn’t be in business.  Unique, top-tier windows and doors are our bread and butter…but when we heard the plans for this Hamptons home, we knew we were in for a challenge.

Why was it so difficult?

The owner of the home was an architect himself, and he had a specific aesthetic vision for this house.

The home featured a LOT of sharp angles, as opposed to the perfect right angles most builders are used to.  This meant nearly every window had to be built to order.

If that was not complicated enough, the “windows” had to open horizontally like sliding glass doors.  In fact, all the windows except for two of them actually are custom sliding glass doors that open directly to the outside.

Earning The Trust (And Business) Of A Precise, Meticulous Architect

We work with architects all the time, but what set this project apart was that Markus was building this home for himself.

It was an opportunity to finally design the home he wanted to build, so finding the right products and materials was not up for debate.  Everything needed to be a perfect fit.

As for the manufacturer, he had his heart set on the design even before he talked to us, and we pinned him down to the perfect brand for his design: Weather Shield.

“The combination of functionality and design, as well as the price, made it the perfect match for what I was looking for,” Markus recalled.

Selecting, Sourcing & Delivering The Delicate Custom Windows

Even though he had chosen the manufacturer, we still had to order the specific custom windows he needed.

Carl, our Hamptons project manager, worked with him every step of the way to ensure Markus got the stunning Weather Shield products necessary to make his dream home a reality.

We coordinated with Weather Shield, placed the order, received the windows and door, and ultimately shipped the windows to his job site, so his contractor could install them.  For Markus, this was one of the most nerve-racking parts of the process.

“It was very scary when they installed them, but it all went smoothly.  It all worked out,” he remembered.

It was a daunting task, given that the bottom portion of the home is made purely of concrete.

Why is that?

Installing windows in a concrete opening is no easy feat.  The material is so rigid and unyielding that windows must be an EXACT fit.  There is ZERO room for error….

When All Was Said And Done…This Ultra-Contemporary NY Home Looked AMAZING!

Photo Of Custom Weather Shield Sliding Doors And Casement Windows On Hamptons Home

Despite the fragile materials and complex design, the windows were installed flawlessly.

Even though Markus had his own contractor to handle the installation, Carl was present the entire time to oversee the process and make sure NOTHING went wrong.

“Being an architect, we work with a lot of different companies.  What I thought was nice about Rockman was the attention to detail, especially given the price of the windows. I felt like I was in good hands,” he noted.

We were happy to help, and the home ended up looking AMAZING. It’s a testament to what can happen when VIP service, ambitious design, and excellent products come together.

Of our Hamptons showroom, Markus said, “It’s nice to have it here locally.  It’s convenient for myself and my clients.”

We consider that a strong endorsement from an architect who knows his stuff.  We look forward to seeing what other challenging designs we will get to take on in the future.

We would recommend Markus’ firm for any homeowner looking for a detail-oriented architect. To see his work, be sure to check out Studio MDA at www.studiomda.com/.

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