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November 4, 2023

Check Out Our New & Improved Tri-State Window And Door Showrooms

We’re About To Have 3 State-Of-The-Art Showrooms In Long Island, Connecticut & Elmsford, NY.

We’re not like other Tri-State area window and door suppliers…and that’s a GOOD thing. You’ve got a better chance of photographing Big Foot than you do of finding a helpful, knowledgeable employee at a big-box retailer. That’s why we have multiple convenient locations scattered throughout the Tri-State area where homeowners, architects, and builders can get the friendly, professional, hands-on help they won’t get anywhere else.

Why We Recommend Visiting One Of Our Showrooms

We’re proud of both of our showrooms, and something tells us we’re going to be even prouder when our third location opens in Milford, Connecticut in 2024. But…you will only get to experience it if you come. The virtual showroom tours are great, but exploring them in person is SO much better. The visual effect alone is worth it, and there’s just no substitute for getting to see, touch, and even smell our fine window and door products. Between our helpful, expert-level team and our state-of-the-art products and setup, we think you’ll be glad you came. A photo of the LePage Millwork display at the Rockman Windows & Doors showroom in Elmsford, NY

VIP Treatment From The Moment You Walk In The Door

We give you the VIP Treatment from the moment you walk in the door–something you DEFINITELY won’t get at a big-box store. When you come to either of our NY locations in Long Island and Elmsford, you are immediately greeted with a knowledgeable window and door expert who will stick by your side through the whole process until you find EXACTLY what you need. It’s not just about your experience, though. When you come in person we are able to work closely with you to find the PERFECT window and door solution for your new construction or remodel. Sure you can pick the first thing you see, but part of the fun is exploring our many high-end product lines from the finest domestic and European manufacturers.

An Amazingly Versatile Selection In 3 Convenient Locations

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we don’t have just ONE elite brand that we specialize in. Instead, we offer an array of window and door solutions to suit any budget or style. We have affordable luxury domestic aluminum options, such as the Weather Shield VUE window and door line, but we also have custom, top-tier products from artisans like our sister company, Cold Mountain Custom. Whether you want an affordable, energy-efficient option for your next remodel or an authentic custom-designed MASTERPIECE for your Hampton’s home, we have the Elite Products and Meticulous Process to ensure you get what you want. Whatever your home remodeling or new construction needs, you should plan a visit to one of our awesome showrooms for inspiration. You won’t regret it!

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