Our Strict Product Brand Standards

May 6, 2024

Four Boxes That Our Featured Brands
Must Check Before We Offer Them

At Rockman Windows And Doors,
Excellence Isn’t Optional

At Rockman Windows and Doors, we offer windows and doors from some of the top brands in the industry.

We’re talking brands such as Weather Shield and LePage Millwork (among others).

You may have heard of some of these brands – other brands, perhaps not.

But you should feel certain that every brand we offer is thoroughly screened. We examine the quality of each company’s windows, company history, warranty, support staff, processes, and much more.

As a result, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt your Tri-state window and door order will be pristine and without hiccups, and you’ll love the finished product.

#1. Quality Products

First and foremost, we expect the brands we offer to provide quality doors and windows that look great and stand the test of time.

We conduct a deep dive into every brand we consider. And we ask the same questions you should ask when you choose your windows and doors:

  • Do they look great?
  • What are the materials?
  • What are the style options?
  • Are the windows and doors easy to use?
  • Are the windows and doors energy efficient?

If a brand doesn’t pass our tests with flying colors, we likely won’t feature them. If they’re significantly lacking in key areas, we won’t offer them at all.

After all, you’re trusting us to screen the quality of brands – that’s likely not your expertise. We have gone through that pain so you don’t have to.

And we work hard to maintain your trust. We do our homework, and we never compromise on our high standards for quality.

#2. Proven Track Record

When you evaluate us (or any business), you should look deeply at our reviews and track record.

In other words, are customers happy?

We also do this with brands we consider partnering with. So, we ask:

  • What is their BBB rating?
  • What is their average review rating?
  • What are common trends you see in their reviews?
  • How is their reputation and review rating in the local Tri-State area?

As a result of our detailed screening process, most brands we partner with have close to a five-star review rating and excellent BBB rating and are well-respected in the window and door industry.

#3. An Above Industry Standard Warranty

Windows and doors are a major investment. And like every major investment, your warranty matters.

That’s why we look closely at warranties. If a brand offers a vague warranty that’s severely lacking, we take it as a major red flag – and we won’t use that window and door brand.

All of the brands we offer come with unbeatable warranties. More than that, you likely won’t ever have to use your warranty due to the pristine quality of your windows and doors.

But if you do, they will always stand behind their products. They prove it to us time and time again.

#4. Deep Company History

We want to know the brands we partner with are here for the long haul. If the company is still in its infancy and not entirely on solid footing, we take a “wait and see” approach.

Here’s why: when recessions and hard times hit, we like to know our suppliers are here to stay. We want to know that they can withstand tough financial times and see it through to the other side.

That way, we don’t have to fear the company closing shop and leaving us out to dry. As an extension, you know that our brands are reliable. They’ll deliver for you on your current project, and they’ll still be partners with us for your next one… and the one after that.

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