These Questions Eliminate 99.9% Of Bad Suppliers

April 9, 2024

Filter Out Window Suppliers With Three Questions

We Don’t Shy Away From The Tough
Questions – We Encourage Them

At Rockman Windows And Doors, we understand that many of you have been burned by suppliers who have promised the world and underdelivered.

As a result, we don’t feel you should “take our word” for it when we say you can trust us.

Instead, do your homework. Screen us. Ask us the tough questions.

Most of all, feel free to look around – we believe we’ll stand out from the pack. And when you look into each window supplier in the Tri-State area, screen them based on their quality, experience, and reputation.

What Brands Do They Offer?

Quality comes first. You have to know the windows you’re getting look great now AND in ten years. More than that, they must be proven to withstand the test of time.

At Rockman Windows & Doors, we offer windows from the BEST brands in the industry. This means LePage Millwork, Weather Shield, and Mixlengo by Cold Mountain Custom – the best of the best.

Now, if you’ve never purchased windows, then you may not have a clue what a good “brand” is in the industry. So, you should ask questions and stick to the facts:

What Materials Are Used? – If they’re using a cheap vinyl, it’s not the brand for you. We don’t use vinyl or cheaply made windows. Instead, we use brands that focus on high-quality materials that are made-to-order for you.

Are The Windows Customized Or Cookie-Cutter? – Many suppliers use a stocking program which doesn’t allow you full customization of your order. We get it – it’s easier for the supplier this way. But it impacts your project. Are you buying a package custom to your home OR are you buying a price point?That’s why we customize your windows and provide a true MVP experience.

What Is Your First Impression When You Look At Them? – The aesthetic quality is the easiest to determine. Quite simply, how does it look? If it doesn’t strike your eye immediately, it’s not the right choice.

After you collect brand information and assess each supplier for quality, compare them. At Rockman Windows & Doors, we know our brands are the best, so we are perfectly confident being compared with our competitors.

What Is Their Experience Level?

Here’s the thing – everyone has to start somewhere.

But when it comes to windows, you don’t want a rookie supplier. From communicating with manufacturers to ensuring seamless, on-time deliveries, the process is too complex. You don’t want to be part of a new company’s “learning curve.”

We say suppliers need AT LEAST a decade of experience before they truly have a good grasp of how to navigate the constant, unexpected challenges.

So, you should always ask a supplier about their experience.

Of course, this means asking when they first opened their doors. But more importantly, how many clients have they served? And how have they handled those clients?

At Rockman Windows And Doors, we have 20+ years of experience. More than that, we have 250+ years of combined industry experience within our team. We have hundreds of clients – including architects, builders, AND homeowners.

We’ve “been there, done that.” And if we come across a unique challenge, we’ll know how to find the right answer.

How Is Their Reputation?

A supplier’s reputation will tell you tons about the type of experience you can expect. How are their reviews? Do they have case studies? References?

Conduct a deep dive into each window supplier you consider. If they don’t pass the “sniff test,” then continue your search.

And don’t stop your search until you find a supplier who communicates well and is well-renowned within your area.

If you want high-quality windows and doors from a proven tri-state company you can trust, then contact Rockman Windows And Doors to schedule your consultation or visit our showroom today.

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