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April 26, 2024

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Your Tri-State windows and doors are an investment. Like any important investment, you want to know that you can TRUST the window and door company you choose.

There are several ways to verify a company and ensure you’re making the right choice, but nothing speaks louder than a company’s local reputation. That’s right, we’re talking good, old-fashioned REVIEWS.

At Rockman Doors & Windows, we work hard on our reputation, and we’re genuinely proud of every review we receive. When you browse through various review sites and check us out, you’ll see five words that are repeated often.


We have 250+ years of combined experience with our team members. And throughout the decades we’ve been in business (we officially opened our doors in 2003), we’ve learned a thing or two about windows and doors.

We know which manufacturers use the best materials, deliver on time, and honor their warranties. More importantly, we know which ones don’t, and we don’t use them.

That way, you know that whichever direction you decide to take and whatever brand you may choose, you’re receiving quality products that look great and last.

We have also developed a keen eye for design, and we’ll gladly review the dozens of styles with you to help you make an informed choice.

After all, our knowledge is useful only for you if we have a willingness to communicate – which we do. We’ll answer all of your questions to ensure you get the perfect windows and doors that fit our needs.

Here are three reviews that speak to our industry knowledge:

“It has been a pleasure working with Rockman Millwork Windows & Doors for more than a decade.  They are extremely knowledgeable and have been very responsive to our needs.” – Peter

“Their in-depth knowledge of the product lines and willingness to get involved in each project is a great help.” Aryeh Siegel (Architect)

“Rockman Millwork is a very professional, very responsive supplier. We can always count on an accurate, detailed quote, even if we need it right away. Their staff is knowledgeable and easy to deal with, and their service is excellent.” – RCCM

On-time Delivery

We aim to deliver on time, every time. Now, we personalize your windows, which takes some time, but you can always TRUST the timeline we provide.

After all, we’ve provided windows and doors to architects, project managers, and homeowners throughout the Tri-State area for the past 20+ years.

So, we understand how long the process takes, and we’re always honest with you.

More than that, we’ve developed great relationships with manufacturers, and they always keep us in the loop. As soon as we have an update, we notify you immediately. As a result, you never have to wait and wonder when your order will arrive.

Here are several reviews from satisfied customers about our on-time delivery:

“They also hit their deadlines with us and Scott was at every delivery to make sure all went as planned.” – Jesse H.

“From the delivery drivers to the Project Manager spending several hours going through each window to make sure it arrived ready for our builders could not have gone any better.” – Joel R.

“Their product was delivered within the time frame that was promised and without issue.” – N Walko

Beautiful Products

At the end of the day, we’re only as good as the windows and doors we provide. So, we put quality FIRST. We offer only the top brands in the industry, and we do so for prices that are fair and affordable.

We ensure beauty by working directly with you. All orders are customized according to YOUR needs.

We offer a range of window and door products that match any style you hope to achieve. Our dedicated team is happy to review style options and brands with you so you can be 100% confident in your final purchase order.

“Rockman is an excellent company to work with. They have a good range of products that they are very knowledgeable about and they are always responsive in communications.” – Pamela G. (Architect)

“All the products they offer are of the highest quality and Jason was extremely helpful in matching the best products for our conservatory, mud room, wine cellar, and garage addition with the style, construction materials, and budget of the project. “ – Dmars

“They carry high-quality brands that are reasonably priced. As important, the personal attention that was given to my order was top-notch.” – Murly B.

Customer SERVICE

We provide beautiful windows and doors, but we view ourselves as SERVICE providers as well. As a result, from getting every minor detail right with your order to ensuring your satisfaction long after your order arrives, we’re all about relationships because we care about you.

In other words, we’re going to treat you right and do everything within our power to ensure you have an easy go of it with your order.

Here are several reviews about our commitment to customer service:

“Rockman Millwork is an exceptional team with amazing staff and wonderful lines. Thank you – Bob and Jason, for always delivering excellent service and superior products.” – Roxane M.

“Any servicing we’ve needed has been taken care of in a professional and timely manner. Donald has done the actual servicing for us – great guy and knows his stuff. It’s obvious to me that Jason and his team take pride in their work and care about their customer.” – Hende C.

“We had one issue with the fixed windows and Jason immediately had the windows brought back to their shop, fixed, and delivered back to us. Excellent operation, fair pricing, and great service. Would definitely do business with them again.” – Svenster

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