We Have 250+ Years Of Combined Experience… And Counting

April 29, 2024

Our 250+ Years Of Combined
Experience MATTERS

At Rockman, We’ve “Been
There, Done That”

Rockman Windows And Doors opened back in 2003. We were small and didn’t understand the first thing about “business.”

We just knew we wanted to help architects and homeowners get the Tri-State windows and doors they wanted without headaches and for a reasonable price. That’s what we knew, and that’s what we enjoyed doing.

Since then, we’ve grown – and our team has expanded substantially.

We now have 250+ years of combined experience among our core team members.

We Knock “Curveballs” Out Of The Park

There’s a story about a baseball player named Hank Aaron. Hank had it ALL – he could run, throw, and hit.

But when it came time to call Hank up to the Big Leagues, his general manager said he still needed to improve in one area before he was ready.

A member of the media asked, “What area is that? He seems perfect!”

“Experience,” the general manager said.

Now, make no mistake, there are some younger window and door suppliers out there who know windows and doors like the back of their hand. They’re knowledgeable and have a great eye for window and door design.

But they don’t have experience.

So, when they face curveballs with your order, they’ll have to dig and find out how to handle the situation. They may even strike out.

Well, at Rockaman Windows And Doors, we’ve seen it all, and we know how to overcome any challenge we (or you) may face when ordering your windows and doors. We don’t strike out – we knock it out of the park EVERY time.

We Know HOW To Accommodate Your Budget Effectively

Any window and door supplier can offer the best brands and then charge incredibly high prices for them. You’ll get great windows and doors, but your value will be “eh” since you’re paying an arm and a leg.

What separates Rockman is our ability to work within your budget.

We offer the best brands, don’t get us wrong. But we do so in the most affordable manner possible.


Well, our experience allows us to pinpoint ways to keep your costs down while still providing the quality you deserve.

And if your budget is in the mid-tier rather than the high-end, then we know exactly how to accommodate your needs.

For instance, we offer budget-friendly brands that still provide quality that is up to the Rockman standard, such as Weather Shield.

Better still, we have the track record to PROVE it.

In 20+ years, we’ve compiled numerous reviews and case studies. So, you can trust us to find you great windows at affordable prices.

We Develop And Maintain Active And Strong
Relationships With Our Manufacturers

Since 2003, we’ve developed quite a few industry relationships. Of course, none are more notable than our relationships with prestigious manufacturers.

We secure great rates and timely production and delivery for our clients.

More than that, we communicate well. We know how to quickly reach manufacturers if we have questions, and they know we’ll always pick up the phone when they call us.

Now, this trust and closeness is only possible because of our experience and countless hours spent. We’ve taken time to learn about our manufacturers, and we communicate with each point of contact on a first-name, friendly basis.

You can safely bet that less experienced suppliers don’t have this same level of connection with manufacturers, delivery companies, etc.

As a result, you could find yourself paying more, experiencing delays, and dealing with numerous other headaches that stem from poor communication throughout the production and delivery processes.

If you want a window and door supplier in the Tri-State area that has experience and know-how to tackle projects of any size, then contact Rockamn Doors & Windows to schedule your consultation.

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